5 Crypto Projects to Keep an Eye on This Week: Beercoin; Horizon Protocol and More

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New projects and developments constantly emerge in the crypto world. This week, several projects are set to unveil major updates and events that could influence their market standings. Keep an eye on these top 5 crypto projects:


Beercoin, Horizon Protocol, ArtFI, Chiliz, and Solana. Each has something noteworthy happening—let’s see what makes them stand out.

Beercoin’s Upcoming Announcement on June 17th

Beercoin is preparing for a significant announcement scheduled for June 17th, though the specific details remain undisclosed. The announcement holds potential implications for the project, potentially involving new partnerships, product developments, or strategic initiatives aimed at fostering growth and adoption. This upcoming news event has the potential to influence the token’s market performance and value, drawing attention from investors and stakeholders alike.

BEER/USD Daily Price Chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Beercoin is currently priced at $0.0001808, marking a 2.75% decline from yesterday and a substantial 60.91% drop over the past week. The cryptocurrency has a 24-hour trading volume of $208 million, contributing to a market cap of $159 million.

Horizon Protocol Launches Futures Mainnet

Horizon Protocol is set to launch its Futures Mainnet on June 17th, offering decentralized financial services through synthetic asset issuance and trading. This initiative aims to expand the platform’s capabilities, attracting a broader user base and potentially increasing the value of Horizon Protocol tokens (HZN).

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Investors may witness a potential increase in the value of HZN tokens as the platform gains traction and adoption. Traders will benefit from access to new futures products, enabling diversified trading strategies and opportunities for hedging against other cryptocurrencies. The anticipated rise in liquidity and trading volume could create more favorable conditions for trading activities.

As of now, Horizon (HZN) is trading at $0.025, reflecting a 2.36% decrease from the previous day. Investors and traders are monitoring developments closely ahead of the Futures Mainnet launch, anticipating its impact on market dynamics and HZN token performance.

ArtFI Listing and KuCoin Campaign Details

On June 17th, ArtFI will be listed on both Bitget and KuCoin exchanges under the ARTFI/USDT trading pair. These listings are expected to enhance the accessibility and liquidity of ArtFI tokens, opening up the art investment market to a broader range of investors.

KuCoin has also announced a special listing campaign in conjunction with ArtFI’s listing. The campaign features a substantial giveaway of $54,000 worth of ARTFI tokens. This initiative includes various promotional activities aimed at incentivizing trading and boosting community engagement.

Source: Kucoin

Traders participating in the campaign will be ranked based on their trading volume, with top traders sharing a significant portion of the $54,000 reward pool. Even traders with smaller volumes have opportunities to win ARTFI tokens through random selection. Additionally, KuCoin users can earn extra rewards by referring friends to join the trading activities, benefiting both the referrer and the referred user.

This campaign not only aims to promote the liquidity and trading of ARTFI tokens but also encourages community involvement and growth within the KuCoin platform.

Chiliz Launches Dragon8 Hard Fork Upgrade

Chiliz, a crypto project, is scheduled to launch the Dragon8 Hard Fork upgrade on June 17th this week. This upgrade is designed to enhance the scalability and security of its network, aiming to introduce various new features and optimizations.

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As of now, Chiliz (CHZ) is trading at $0.09468, reflecting a 5.89% decrease from the previous day. Investors and stakeholders are anticipating the impact of the upcoming Dragon8 Hard Fork on Chiliz’s network performance and market position.

Solana Annual Summit: Implications for Investors and Traders

Solana, a prominent blockchain platform, is set to host its two-day Annual Summit starting from June 20th. This event will bring together industry leaders, developers, and entrepreneurs to discuss technological advancements, ecosystem growth, and strategic partnerships within the Solana network. The summit serves as a pivotal gathering for the Solana community, offering insights into the latest trends and innovations shaping the platform.

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The summit presents a valuable opportunity for investors to gain insights into Solana’s future trajectory, potentially influencing their investment strategies. Discussions and announcements during the event could lead to new partnerships and projects that contribute to the appreciation of Solana tokens’ value.

SOL/USD Daily Price Chart. Source: CoinMarketCap

Traders can also benefit from increased market activity and potential price movements following significant announcements made during the summit. As of now, Solana (SOL) is trading at $142.55, reflecting a 0.80% increase from the previous day. The token boasts a market cap of $67.126 billion and a robust 24-hour trading volume of $1.521 billion, indicating active investor interest ahead of the summit.

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