Bitcoin Price Prediction: Possible Drop to $60K Amid ‘Death Cross’ Concerns

Bitcoin Down Bearish

Kyle Doops from Crypto Banter’s analyst show currently leans 65% to 70% bullish on Bitcoin, suggesting confidence in continued market growth.


The focus is on surpassing the month’s peak at $72,000. Achieving this could lead to further upward momentum in the market.

Bitcoin’s Crucial 5-Day Candle and Market Outlook

The current 5-day candle on Bitcoin’s chart is set to close in approximately 16 hours and 56 minutes, marking a critical moment for the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin has been attempting to break above $69,615 for 55 consecutive days without success, intensifying market anticipation.

This prolonged period of consolidation has led to low volatility, currently at 2.43%. Historically, such low volatility precedes significant price movements. Analysts speculate that if Bitcoin fails to close above $69,000 with this candle, it could signal a potential deeper drop, possibly down to $60,000.

Despite the challenges, there remains optimism. A close above $69,000 would be viewed as highly bullish, potentially setting the stage for further upward momentum. However, if the current support levels are not maintained, the correction phase, now at 91 days, could extend into the third quarter of the year, extending the duration of the current market adjustment.

Bitcoin’s Elliott Wave Analysis and Market Dynamics

According to Elliott Wave theory, Bitcoin is currently in Wave 4, with expectations centered around the $56,000 level. Confirmation of the end of Wave 4 would come with a close above the high of Wave 3, signaling the onset of Wave 5. Wave 5 typically starts with low volatility before a significant upward movement, which tends to be exciting for altcoins. Throughout the bull market, there could be multiple cycles of Wave 5, presenting opportunities for strategic buying.

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Presently, Bitcoin is trading around the mid-range level of $67,500. A breakout above $73,000 would be considered bullish, suggesting potential upward momentum. Conversely, failure to sustain above $69,000 could lead to short-term trading within a range, possibly dipping towards $63,000.

There is also concern about a “death cross” formation, indicating bearish pressure unless Bitcoin manages to reclaim critical support levels. In case of a breakdown, the next significant support levels to watch are between $63,000 and $64,500, where a bounce could be expected.

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