Bitget promise $10M for Ecosystem between ChatGPT boom

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Bitget, a company that allows people to trade cryptocurrency, has promised to give $10 million to help build something called the ecosystem. This is because there is a growing interest in tools that use artificial intelligence, like ChatGPT, and is one of those tools. They made this announcement on April 27th. has something called an “AI agent network” which is a group of machines that can do things like analyze data and create financial models all on their own. They also have a special wallet that can automatically do things and connect with a chatbot called OpenAI’s ChatGPT API. This chatbot became really popular and has been used by over 100 million people since it launched a few months ago in January 2023.

Bitget talked about their promise to give $10 million to and mentioned how there has been a lot of excitement about AI because of tools like ChatGPT. They believe that AI can help people be more productive and creative. Bitget also said that they will be helping by giving advice on how to market their products and services so that more people will want to work with them.

Bitget is a website where people can buy and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It’s one of the biggest websites in the world for this, with around 8 million people using it from over 100 different countries. Every day, around $990 million worth of cryptocurrency is bought and sold on Bitget. It’s based in Seychelles.

Bitget got permission from the government in Lithuania to offer their services there on April 20th. They also bought a company called BitKeep for $30 million last month, which means they own most of that company now. BitKeep makes something called a “multichain wallet,” which lets people store different types of cryptocurrency all in one place.


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