Cardano Moves Closer to Major Upgrade with New Node Release

Cardano ADA
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Cardano is making significant progress toward its major Chang upgrade, one of the biggest updates in its history.

The recent release of Cardano Node 9.0.0 brings the blockchain closer to this important milestone. The Chang upgrade is highly anticipated and is set to bring substantial improvements to the Cardano network.

Cardano Approaches Major Chang Upgrade: Key Details

Romain Pellerin, CTO at Input Output Global (IOG), has praised the release of Cardano Node 9.0.0 as a significant milestone, calling it a “big deal” and a “foundational moment.” He emphasized that the upcoming Chang upgrade, set to bring decentralized governance to Cardano, will allow the community to vote and influence the network’s future on-chain.

The Chang upgrade, expected by the end of July, is one of the most substantial updates in Cardano’s history. The release of the new node version marks an important step toward this upgrade, which Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has also celebrated.

Cardano’s past upgrades have had a positive impact, heightening excitement for the Chang hard fork. For instance, before its major upgrade in 2021, ADA’s price surged by 130%, climbing from $1.35 to $3.10 in just a month. Currently, ADA is down by 0.60% over the last 24 hours, trading at $0.372.

Details of Cardano Node 9.0.0 Release

The recent release of Cardano Node 9.0.0, as documented on GitHub, marks a significant step toward the Conway ledger era. This major update includes essential features for the Chang hard fork, such as on-chain governance via CIP-1694, support for Plutus v1 reference scripts, and Plutus script signature support via CIP-69.

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Node 9.0.0 is the first version capable of bridging the boundary for the 9.0 hard fork (Chang) on both mainnet and long-running testnets like Preprod. However, this release only supports the bootstrap phase of CIP-1694 in production environments (Protocol Version 9.0) and does not yet enable DRep voting and other governance actions, which will be introduced in Protocol Version 10.0.

It’s important to note that Node 9.0.0 is delivered without a valid Conway-era Genesis file, which is necessary to fully transition through the Chang hard fork. This file will be provided at a later date, requiring a minor configuration update to complete the process.

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