Cryptocurrency Analyst Forecasts Bitcoin to Reach $40,000 in the Fourth Quarter of 2023


Michael van de Poppe has put forth a forecast for a Bitcoin surge in the last quarter of 2023. He envisions an end-of-year objective of $40,000 for the leading cryptocurrency. Poppe anticipates that ETF approvals and pre-halving sentiment will serve as catalysts for a potential Bitcoin upswing.

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Well-known cryptocurrency analyst and CEO of MN Trading, Michael van de Poppe, has made a prediction about a Bitcoin rally in the last quarter of 2023. In a recent X (formerly Twitter) post, Poppe outlined his end-of-year target for the leading cryptocurrency, setting it at $40,000.

In a recent post on social media, Michael van de Poppe extended a warm welcome to his followers as the new month commenced, signaling the start of the final quarter of 2023. Poppe referred to October as “Uptober” and went on to suggest that the anticipated Bitcoin rally would be driven by the approval of ETFs and a positive sentiment leading up to the impending Bitcoin halving event scheduled for 2024. This, he believes, will contribute to the cryptocurrency’s upward trajectory.

In response to Poppe’s post, another user on the X app, known as Juan Percent Trader, stressed that despite the evident bullish signals, the cryptocurrency market remains unpredictable. He noted that even though conditions may appear favorable, the market is unpredictable and doesn’t necessarily follow a predetermined path.

Juan pointed out that while ETFs and the approaching halving event offer promising prospects, he cautioned against assuming that these factors alone will ensure a positive outcome for Bitcoin. Drawing from his experience, he emphasized that every fourth quarter in the cryptocurrency market has its unique narrative. Therefore, he recommended diversifying investment portfolios as a prudent approach for Bitcoin traders and crypto investors.

Bitcoin has experienced a year filled with ups and downs, characterized by its volatile nature. The cryptocurrency began the year on a bullish note, starting at $16,541 and surging to a peak of $31,804 in mid-July, marking a remarkable gain of over 91% during the course of the year, as reported by TradingView data.

Throughout this price journey, Bitcoin has been subject to various fluctuations driven by a combination of technical factors and macroeconomic events, including regulatory challenges, particularly in major economies like the United States. Despite these hurdles, Bitcoin has shown remarkable resilience, consistently bouncing back from setbacks.

As of the current writing, Bitcoin is trading at $27,107, having rebounded from the support level at $25,990. If the bullish momentum remains intact, there is potential for the price to break above the immediate resistance at $27,483 and possibly continue its upward trajectory toward the target forecasted by Poppe.

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