El Salvador sees more tourists as strict law and order prevail

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The government of the Central American nation is promoting a new image and claims that 1 million tourists have already visited this year.

El Salvador’s minister of tourism says that the country is experiencing a record number of visitors. This is part of a larger effort by the country to change its image and showcase itself as a Bitcoin and surf paradise, rather than a lawless place.

President Nayib Bukele, a young and tech-savvy leader, shared a video on Twitter announcing that the country had achieved a significant milestone: a whole year without any murders.

A strong voice declares, “El Salvador is now considered the safest country in Latin America.” According to AFP, the statistic refers to “the cumulative number of days without murders since 2019” instead of counting the consecutive days without a murder happening.

Morena Valdez, the minister of tourism, posted on Twitter that one million tourists have visited El Salvador this year. Recently, El Salvador has become a more popular destination for travelers, not just dedicated surfers, as its reputation for safety improved.

In the past, it was considered one of the most dangerous countries with a high number of homicides recorded in 2015. However, it gained global attention when it made Bitcoin legal tender in 2021. The country’s unique leader has been actively buying Bitcoin, and the government requires businesses to accept it as payment.

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President Bukele of El Salvador has taken strong actions against criminal gangs, which has led to positive changes in the country. He aims to transform the nation into a technology hub. The people of El Salvador appear to be pleased with these transformations, as murder rates have decreased and President Bukele consistently receives high approval ratings in polls.


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