Elon Musk: Bitcoin to Soar in 2023 Summer

Bitcoin Sets Sights on the Moon After Bitcoin 2023 Conference, Says Elon Musk


Bitcoin is making its way to the Moon in the summer of 2023. A collaboration between Astrobotic Technology, BitMEX, and Bitcoin Magazine aims to send the first physical Bitcoin to the Moon from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

After more than two years of preparation, the physical Bitcoin for space flight has been carefully readied for its mission. It has been successfully integrated into the Moon lander called Peregrine-1. The announcement of this mission was made in 2021.

The unique Bitcoin being sent to the Moon contains 1 BTC and has a public address and private key engraved on it. People can interact with it from Earth or even in space by sending items like Bitcoin Ordinals to the Moon. In addition to the physical Bitcoin, a metal plate will display the Genesis Block as a tribute to Satoshi’s protocol.

This event marks a significant moment for the crypto industry and a milestone in space exploration. It will be the first soft landing on the Moon by a Western entity since NASA’s Apollo 17 mission back in 1972.

“According to Stephan Lutz, CEO & Group CFO at BitMEX, Bitcoin will endure as a symbol of a borderless world where everyone can utilize it, even in space”.

Stephan Lutz, CEO & Group CFO at BitMEX, expressed his enthusiasm by stating that this accomplishment is not only significant for BitMEX but also a historic breakthrough for humanity. It marks the first time a financial asset has been sent to space. Lutz is excited to collaborate with partners who share their vision of inspiring people worldwide to pursue a fair and equitable value system, similar to the birth of Bitcoin 14 years ago. Bitcoin represents a valuable item that remains independent of its creators or owners.

Elon Musk on Bitcoin Going To The Moon

When the mission to send Bitcoin to the Moon was announced in 2021, Elon Musk responded with enthusiasm, stating that a new space race had commenced. In line with this, Musk’s company SpaceX aims to carry out the DOGE-1 Mission in the third quarter of 2023. Geometric Energy Corp paid SpaceX using Dogecoin for this particular mission.

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