Fetch.ai and Worldcoin Price Prediction: AI Coins Retest Entry for High Returns

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After OpenAI’s text-to-video update, demand for Artificial Intelligence coins like Fetch.ai and Worldcoin surged, igniting a frenzy in the crypto market.

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With momentum building and investor confidence rising, these coins are on a bullish trajectory. Let’s see if they can sustain this momentum in the coming week.

Fetch.ai (FET) Price Analysis: Bullish Momentum Continues

Source: TradingView

The FET price has shown remarkable strength, surpassing the $1 mark and maintaining dominance for the past two weeks, marking a significant 90% increase. This surge in buying pressure, reflected in the trading volume, indicates a potential continuation of the uptrend.

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Fetch.ai has climbed into the Top 100 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, nearing the $1 billion milestone and currently valued at $837 million. The platform offers a decentralized network, democratizing access to AI technology for all users.

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Utilizing a permissionless platform, Fetch.ai enables users to connect and utilize secure datasets effortlessly. Through autonomous AI agents, complex tasks can be executed seamlessly, leveraging a global network of information.

According to trend-based Fibonacci levels, the current uptrend is undergoing a retest of the $1 breakout level, suggesting a potential extension of the prevailing uptrend. Additionally, a breakout above $1.10 could propel the AI-based altcoin towards the $1.3161 mark.

Worldcoin (WLD) Price Analysis: Astronomical Growth Continues

Source: TradingView

Worldcoin has experienced an astounding surge, outpacing Fetch.ai with a remarkable 204% increase in the last two weeks. With the price hovering just below $8, Worldcoin is retracing to test the breakout level of $6.23.

Despite a brief pullback of 12%, Worldcoin’s price formation displays a piercing bearish candle in the daily chart. However, the bullish dominance remains evident in the weekly chart, indicating a potential continuation of the upward trend.

Ranked 84th by market capitalization, Worldcoin is on the verge of reaching the $1 billion market cap milestone, currently valued at $881 million.

Technical analysis suggests that Worldcoin has the potential to reach the $10 mark in the coming weeks. The recent retest of $6.2 presents an entry opportunity to buy the dip. Following the post-retest reversal, the path to $10 may unfold at a faster pace.

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