FTX Bankruptcy Case Referred to US Appeals Court for an Impartial Investigation


FTX’s newly appointed management has expressed concerns regarding the potential financial ramifications. The district judge emphasized that adherence to the legal criteria was the primary factor influencing his decision to escalate the case to a higher court for an appeal.

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In the aftermath of the FTX collapse, a significant development has unfolded as a judge in Delaware has referred a lawsuit concerning the selection of an impartial investigator to the US Third Circuit Court of Appeals.

In response to the financial turmoil surrounding FTX, the administration and several Senators united to demand an impartial investigation into the company’s bankruptcy.

Additionally, FTX’s recently appointed management has voiced concerns regarding the potential financial consequences, estimating that the investigation will incur approximately $100 million in legal expenses for the estate. District Judge Colm F. Connolly explained on Tuesday that it was the legal requirements that motivated his decision to elevate the FTX case to a higher court by filing an appeal.

Comprehensive and Unbiased Investigation

Significantly, in cases related to bankruptcy, the law stipulates that Judges must refer matters to higher courts upon the request of the U.S. Trustee. Judge Connolly’s determination to elevate the case was further influenced by the absence of factual disputes. The argument is grounded in these undeniable facts, which underscore the gravity of the financial predicament.

The central issue at hand pertains to the necessity of an impartial investigation into the factors leading to the bankruptcy, particularly given the current circumstances. The financial collapse of the trading platform has raised apprehensions regarding fairness and transparency, necessitating an external inquiry to uncover the underlying causes of the failure.


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The investigator’s role involves delving into the events preceding the firm’s downfall, examining its internal operations, and determining whether any misconduct occurred on the part of the management. Judge Connolly underscores the importance of a comprehensive and unbiased investigation into the crypto exchange matter, scrutinizing the legal complexities surrounding the need for an independent probe.

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