MicroStrategy Raises Debt Offering to $700M for Bitcoin Purchase

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American software technology company MicroStrategy has finalized the pricing for a new $700 million debt offering set to mature in 2032.


The company intends to use the funds raised from this offering to buy additional Bitcoin, as part of its strategy to expand its holdings of the cryptocurrency in its corporate treasury.

MicroStrategy Announces Upsized $700 Million Debt Offering

MicroStrategy has announced the pricing of a new $700 million debt offering scheduled to mature on June 15, 2032. This offering, initially planned at $500 million, has been increased to $700 million and will be sold privately under Rule 144A of the Securities Act of 1933 to qualified institutional buyers.

MicroStrategy intends to use a portion of these funds to further expand its holdings of Bitcoin. The notes issued will be unsecured senior obligations of MicroStrategy, carrying an annual interest rate of 2.25%. Interest payments will be made twice a year, on June 15 and December 15.

The maturity date for the notes is June 15, 2032, with provisions allowing for potential earlier repurchase, redemption, or conversion according to their terms.

MicroStrategy Plans to Utilize Proceeds for Bitcoin Acquisition

MicroStrategy expects to receive approximately $687.8 million in net proceeds from its recent $700 million debt offering, after deducting initial purchasers’ discounts, commissions, and offering expenses. If the initial purchasers exercise their option to buy additional notes in full, the total proceeds could rise to around $786 million.

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A significant portion of these funds will be used to continue MicroStrategy’s strategy of increasing its Bitcoin holdings in its corporate treasury. As of its 2024 Q1 financial results, MicroStrategy owns 214,400 BTC, valued at about $14 billion based on the latest data.

MicroStrategy Expands Debt Offering to $700 Million for Bitcoin Investment

On June 14, MicroStrategy announced an increase in its planned debt offering from $500 million to $700 million, a day after its initial announcement. This expansion highlights MicroStrategy’s strong dedication to increasing its Bitcoin holdings, emphasizing its significant presence in the cryptocurrency market.

It’s important to note that the notes offered under Rule 144A of the Securities Act of 1933 are not registered with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This means these notes cannot be traded publicly without meeting specific SEC requirements, which restricts their liquidity.

MicroStrategy’s Strategic Bitcoin Investments

MicroStrategy’s ongoing investment in Bitcoin highlights its strategic position in the cryptocurrency market. By acquiring and holding substantial amounts of Bitcoin, the company shows strong confidence in the cryptocurrency’s long-term value.

Increasing its Bitcoin reserves serves MicroStrategy in two main ways: it strengthens the company’s financial stability and positions it to benefit from potential future increases in Bitcoin’s value.

MicroStrategy’s proactive approach to Bitcoin adoption also positions it as a leader among corporations exploring cryptocurrency investments. This could potentially inspire other companies to consider similar strategies.

CEO Michael Saylor’s public support for Bitcoin and the firm’s proactive acquisition strategy have cemented MicroStrategy’s reputation as a significant player in the Bitcoin community, enhancing its influence in the industry.

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