Notcoin and TapSwap’s Success Indicates a Bright Future

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Telegram’s ecosystem is thriving with its Toncoin network emerging as a leading blockchain. In addition, tap-to-earn tokens like Notcoin and TapSwap are also experiencing moderate success within the platform, contributing to its overall growth and adoption in the cryptocurrency space.


Telegram has quickly become one of the fastest-growing social media networks worldwide, boasting over 900 million active users.

Telegram’s Growth and Impact in Social Media and Crypto

Telegram has rapidly expanded to become one of the largest social media networks globally, with over 900 million active users. Simultaneously, in the cryptocurrency industry, Telegram has made substantial advancements, notably with its Toncoin blockchain ranking as the 9th largest chain in the sector.

Within Telegram’s ecosystem, tap-to-earn tokens like Notcoin and TapSwap are emerging as influential players, reshaping the tap-to-earn industry with their growing popularity and adoption.

Rise of Tap-to-Earn Tokens on Telegram

A rapidly growing trend within the Telegram industry is the emergence of tap-to-earn tokens—simple apps that enable users to earn virtual rewards with a simple tap.

Notcoin garnered attention as the first network to conduct an airdrop, catapulting its token value to over $1.8 billion. This rapid growth positions Notcoin among the fastest-growing tokens in the cryptocurrency industry, with potential for further expansion as it attracts more users.

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TapSwap has also gained significant popularity as a tap-to-earn platform, boasting more than 49 million registered users and over 18 million daily active users. Together, these users have made over a trillion taps in recent weeks.

The upcoming milestone for TapSwap involves an airdrop that will allow users to redeem tokens for fiat currency. The success of TapSwap underscores the increasing adoption and interest in tap-to-earn models on Telegram, with expectations for more tokens of this nature to launch in the near future.

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