OpenAI CTO’s Twitter Account Breached, Promoting ‘Scam’ Crypto Airdrop

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Crypto Twitter Users Caution Against Clicking Suspicious Link on OpenAI CTO Mura Murati’s Twitter Account, Offering Free Airdrop.

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Crypto Twitter inundated with warnings as OpenAI CTO’s hacked account promotes “scam” crypto airdrop.

On June 2, Murati’s Twitter account shared a potentially malicious link, claiming to offer an airdrop of a cryptocurrency named OPENAI, supposedly inspired by the creators of ChatGPT.

With 126,200 followers and a verified account on Twitter, Murati’s post managed to gather approximately 79,600 views and 83 retweets within the span of an hour before being swiftly removed.

Murati’s tweet promotes the airdrop of an ERC-20 token and links to what appears to be a phishing website. Source: Twitter

The author of the tweet had limited the ability to reply, making it difficult for others to issue warnings about the fraudulent nature of the shared link.

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Certain Twitter users speculate that Murati may have fallen victim to a SIM-swapping attack.

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