Peter Schiff Surprises Crypto Community with Bitcoin NFT Announcement

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Peter Schiff, known for his dislike of Bitcoin and support for gold, surprises the crypto community with his announcement about launching an NFT collection on the Bitcoin network.

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Peter Schiff, who has been critical of Bitcoin for a long time, appears to have had a change of heart as he recently announced his plans to release an NFT collection on the Bitcoin network.

A prominent critic of Bitcoin, who has spent the past decade attempting to convince Bitcoin enthusiasts that BTC has no value, has now expressed optimism towards Ordinals.

An economist and strong advocate for gold recently revealed a collaborative NFT art collection on the Bitcoin network. The collection is set to be auctioned soon, and Schiff’s announcement has certainly surprised the crypto community.

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Crypto Community Responds to Peter Schiff’s Announcement

Crypto Twitter was filled with surprise and confusion over the economist’s announcement, with some users even checking if his account had been hacked because it seemed too unbelievable. Crypto entrepreneur Anthony Pompliano tweeted, “Welcome, Peter. We have been awaiting your arrival.” Schiff responded, saying, “I haven’t arrived yet. But here’s your opportunity to purchase something to commemorate what you hope will be the early days of Bitcoin, along with its most persistent critic. If I’m wrong, these signed, original prints may become very valuable in the future.”

Peter Schiff Clarifies He is Still Not a Member of the Club

Peter Schiff, despite entering the blockchain and Bitcoin space with his NFT collection, still holds reservations about the leading cryptocurrency. In a tweet, he clarified that while his collection is art and pays homage to gold, there are aspects that may appeal to Bitcoin enthusiasts as well. However, he emphasized that he remains unconvinced and not a member of the Bitcoin community. When asked if he believes it is worthwhile to associate gold with Bitcoin, implying that Bitcoin itself lacks value, Schiff responded affirmatively.

According to Schiff’s announcement, the NFT collection, created in collaboration with Market Price, includes the original artwork titled “Golden Triumph” along with a set of prints and Ordinals inscribed on the Bitcoin blockchain.

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