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  • Advocacy group for crypto regulation hires four new senior and research positions.

Phi Labs, a company that helps develop the Archway Blockchain, has hired Dan Edlebeck to be their new director of ecosystem.

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Before joining Phi Labs, Dan Edlebeck worked at Sei Labs, a company that develops blockchain technology, where he held a similar position. During his time at Sei Labs, he helped to promote the company’s blockchain technology in North America and Asia.

Edlebeck created a group called Atlantis while working at Sei Labs. This group helped people who were interested in crypto and DeFi get more involved in the ecosystem, like an ambassador program.

Edlebeck is moving from his previous job at Sei Labs, where he helped create the Atlantis community, to his new position as the director of ecosystem at Phi Labs. He is excited to take on this new role.

In his new role at Phi Labs, Edlebeck will work on advertising and promoting Archway, and will also create a community of people interested in the platform, much like what he did at Sei.

Blockworks stated earlier this year that Phi Labs secured $21 million in funding from investment companies CoinFund and Hashed.

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Crypto Council for Innovation adds to its ranks

The Crypto Council for Innovation, a group that promotes fair regulation for the crypto industry, hired four new people for senior and research positions.

Ji Kim is the new head of global policy, digital assets, and general counsel at the Crypto Council for Innovation. He has 15 years of experience advising technology companies and previously worked as acting general counsel for Gemini, an exchange and custodian. Tyler Meade will take over his role at Gemini.

Cameron Jones will be working for CCI as a strategic initiatives lead to help the organization grow and develop new programs. Jones has experience in building relationships between technology, philanthropy, and civil society sectors.

Renee Barton and Linda Jeng are joining the research team at CCI, an advocacy group for the crypto industry. Barton will be in charge of managing research, while Jeng will be responsible for creating strategies related to the latest technological developments and educating policymakers about them.

Other notable hires

  • Yuga Labs has hired Mike Seavers as their new CTO. He was previously an executive vice president at Epic Games, the company behind Fortnite.


  • Hashflow, a trading platform for DeFi, has hired Andrew Saunders as its first chief marketing officer. Saunders will be responsible for leading the company’s global marketing and communication efforts.


  •  Jay Hao, who was the CEO of OKX, is now going to join Sensorium, a social virtual reality company, as a member of the expert advisory board.


  • Joseph Seibert, who used to work as the head of digital assets at Signature Bank before it closed down, will now be working at Fortress Trust, a company that provides financial services for cryptocurrencies. Four other employees from Signet Team, which he led, will also be joining him at Fortress.