Polygon Introduces POL Token on Ethereum for Polygon 2.0 Era

Polygon Matic

Polygon Labs has introduced smart contracts for its forthcoming cryptocurrency, POL, on the Ethereum mainnet.

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Polygon Labs has reached a significant milestone by deploying contracts for its new cryptocurrency, POL, on the Ethereum mainnet. This comes after a successful testnet deployment, showcasing Polygon’s dedication to innovation.

In September, the Polygon community approved several Improvement Proposals, including PIP-17 and PIP-19. These proposals outlined the transition from MATIC to POL and were aligned with the architecture of the eagerly awaited Polygon 2.0 upgrade. POL, designed to replace MATIC, seamlessly integrates with the advanced features of Polygon 2.0, setting the stage for the next phase in Polygon’s development.

Matic and Pol

The key differences between MATIC and POL are in their intended functions. MATIC has been the foundational cryptocurrency in the Polygon ecosystem, while POL aims to take things to the next level. POL will not only be the primary cryptocurrency for Polygon 2.0 but will also support a wide network of zero-knowledge-based Layer 2 chains.

A standout feature of POL is its native re-staking protocol. This protocol empowers POL holders to validate multiple chains and take on various roles on each chain, increasing its usefulness in the ecosystem. In Polygon Labs’ words, “POL, a next-generation, high-efficiency token, will power a broad ecosystem of zero-knowledge-based Layer 2 chains. Its native re-staking protocol gives POL holders the flexibility to validate on numerous chains and assume diverse roles on each.”

It’s important to note that POL won’t immediately replace MATIC. Such a significant transition requires governance approval and will coincide with the launch of Polygon 2.0. As the upgrade draws near, there are several crucial steps to be taken. These include introducing a new staking layer for Polygon’s Layer 2 chains, transitioning from Polygon’s proof-of-stake to zkRollup, and implementing a zk-based interoperability and shared liquidity protocol for all Layer 2s, as outlined by Polygon Labs. This roadmap sets the stage for an exciting new chapter in Polygon’s journey.

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