REL Launches Season 1 of Airdrop to Reward Early Adopters and Contributors

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SINGAPORE – May 26, 2023 : Relation, a cutting-edge decentralized social graph protocol, is excited to announce the start of its first airdrop season for its token, REL. This initiative aims to reward early users and contributors who have made significant contributions to the Relation ecosystem, while also encouraging more community participation.

Introduction of Relation:

Relation is a special kind of technology that helps connect social users to Web3, the next generation of the internet. It creates a system for user accounts and stores data in a decentralized way using existing blockchains. This allows for the creation of advanced and connected information structures that prioritize privacy and work well with other systems. Relation uses a type of data model called RDF to organize information, and it’s shaping the way information is understood and used on Web3. It also makes it easier to use artificial intelligence algorithms to provide personalized and intelligent experiences on the internet.

About REL

REL is the special token created by Relation for its ecosystem. There are 1 billion tokens available in total. REL is really important for the functioning of Relation because it powers many different things. It supports the network and makes sure everything runs smoothly. It also helps validate social credentials and allows users to have a say in how the system is governed. Additionally, REL can be used to pay for services provided by the protocol. It’s like the lifeblood of Relation, keeping everything working together.

Here are the details for REL Airdrop Season 1:

  • Token: REL
  • Airdrop Season: Season 1
  • Purpose: Rewarding early adopters and contributors to the Relation ecosystem
  • Start Date: May 26, 2023
  • Rewards: Distributed to eligible participants
  • Objective: Drive community engagement and participation

Users who are eligible for the first season of the REL airdrop include:

  • EVM addresses registered in Relation One.
  • Holders of “.soul profile”.
  • Holders of “.soul profile” whitelist (WL).
  • Holders of Semantic Soulbound Tokens.

Apart from the eligibility criteria, Relation has introduced boost factors such as the “.soul profile.” This special profile represents a user’s identity and connections within the Relation ecosystem. Holders of the “.soul profile” will receive an additional boost in their airdrop allocation, encouraging the utilization of this feature.

Users who meet the eligibility criteria can claim their airdrop tokens on the Ethereum network within one week. To confirm their eligibility, users can visit

Additional information about how the airdrop tokens will be distributed, details about token allocation, and timelines will be provided soon on Relation’s official website and social media channels.

For more information, visit


Contact Relation Labs Team [email protected]

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