Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Supports Bitcoin, Opposes CBDCs

Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. expressed his support for Bitcoin and his opposition to Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) in a recent interview with the New York Post.


Bitcoin Gains Support from Presidential Candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

During an interview, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a presidential candidate, expressed his commitment to implementing policies that would uphold the freedom of Americans to use Bitcoin. He emphasized the importance of supporting Bitcoin and enabling individuals to manage their Bitcoin wallets, nodes, and passkeys without unnecessary restrictions. Kennedy also highlighted the need for minimal controls to prevent money laundering.

During the interview, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a presidential candidate, expressed his strong opposition to the development of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) if he were to become the next US President. He labeled CBDCs as tools of control and suppression, emphasizing his concerns about the potential for abuse. Kennedy firmly stated his stance against the implementation of CBDCs, citing his belief in the importance of preserving individual freedoms.

BTC Is an Exit Route:

Kennedy, a vocal critic of the SEC’s cryptocurrency policies, has expressed his belief that Bitcoin can serve as an “exit route” from an unfair financial system. He sees Bitcoin as a fundamentally sound currency due to its limited supply and divisibility.

Kennedy emphasizes that Bitcoin has intrinsic value and offers individuals a means to escape manipulation. As president, he pledges to protect the right to hold and use Bitcoin, defending the self-custody of digital assets and ensuring individuals have control over their private keys, just as they have keys to their car or wallet.

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