Solana (SOL) Targets $216, Ethereum (ETH) Eyes $4.8k, and Furrever Token (FURR) Offers 25% Bonus

The cryptocurrency market is buzzing with excitement as Solana (SOL) steadily aims for a target of $216, and Ethereum (ETH) is eyeing potential gains with a target of $4.8k.


Amidst this bullish trend, Furrever Token is offering a limited-time 25% bonus on purchases, making it an opportune moment for investors to enhance their portfolios. With Solana and Ethereum poised for significant growth, and Furrever Token providing an attractive bonus, the current market presents a unique chance for both seasoned and new investors to capitalize on these promising developments.

Solana (SOL) Steadily Aiming for $216

Ranked fifth among cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, Solana (SOL) has a market value of $79.59 billion. Yesterday, Solana (SOL) started at $171.78, tested $175.60, and closed the day at $173.54, marking a 1.02% increase. Starting today negatively, Solana (SOL) is currently trading at $173.07, down 0.27%.


Solana (SOL) Daily Chart Analysis

As the fifth-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, Solana (SOL) ended its movement between $116.00 and $164.50, which lasted for over a month, and began an upward trend. After testing $189, Solana (SOL) came under selling pressure again. Analyzing the daily chart, we see that Solana (SOL) is currently testing the $174.31 resistance but has failed to break through. If Solana (SOL) continues its upward trend, the target levels are $174.31, $197.81, and $216.00, respectively. However, if Solana (SOL) faces selling pressure and closes below $164.50, it could potentially re-enter the $116.00-$164.50 range.

Ethereum (ETH) Eyeing Potential Gains: Target $4.8k

Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency with a market capitalization of $462.90 billion, started yesterday at $3,810.4, tested $3,887.9, and ended the day at $3,864.8, achieving a 1.42% increase. Today, Ethereum (ETH) has begun on a negative note, currently trading at $3,853.9, down 0.28%.


Ethereum (ETH) Technical Analysis

Ethereum (ETH) commenced a downward trend from $4k in March, bottoming out at the $2,858 support level. However, prior to the spot ETF approval news, Ethereum (ETH) surged from this support level, breaking a two-month downward trend. Following the spot ETF approval, Ethereum (ETH) has been trading within the $3,750-$3,950 range, as indicated in purple on the chart, for several days.

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In the bullish scenario, Ethereum (ETH) is forming a flag pattern on the daily chart. A daily close above $4k could indicate a target of $4.8k, representing a 27% increase from the current price. Conversely, in the bearish scenario, if Ethereum (ETH) fails to break above $4k, it might form a double top pattern, potentially leading to a pullback to the initial rise point at $2,858.

Limited-Time 25% Bonus Offer on Furrever Token (FURR) Purchases

Furrever Token is currently in stage 9 of its 10-stage presale, having successfully raised over $1.295 million. The current price is $0.000732 per token, with projections suggesting potential returns of up to 15x. To celebrate this progress, Furrever Token has launched an exclusive promotion offering a 25% bonus on new purchases for a limited time. Simply use the bonus code: FURR25 to take advantage of this offer.

Special Promotion Details
Promotion Start: Friday, 31/05/2024 at 17:00 UTC
Promotion End: Monday, 10/06/2024 at 17:00 UTC
How to Claim Your 25% Bonus
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Investment Example

If you invest $1000 in Furrever Token today, you can purchase approximately 1,366,120 tokens. With the 25% bonus, you receive an additional 341,530 tokens, bringing your total to around 1,707,650 tokens. Assuming the token price remains at $0.000732, your investment would be valued at about $1250 by the end of June. This bonus not only increases your holdings but also enhances the potential value of your investment in the growing Furrever Token ecosystem.

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