XRP Lawyer Speculates Deaton’s Potential Presence in Case Hearing

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Attorneys Discuss Possibility of Deaton Attending Ripple Hearing

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During a public discussion, lawyers Jeremy Hogan and John E Deaton engaged in a conversation about the potential scenario of Deaton disguising himself as Ripple lawyer Matthew Solomon to secretly attend the Ripple hearing. Hogan’s remark came after Deaton revealed that he had previously attended the SEC-LBRY case hearing on January 30, representing tech journalist Naomi Brockwell as an amicus curie.

LBRY Submits Supplemental Brief Seeking Clarity on Token Classification

On May 27, attorney Hogan highlighted LBRY’s submission of a supplemental brief in the early hours of the day. LBRY, a blockchain-based network, aims to obtain clarification regarding the classification of their tokens as securities. The platform expressed a strong need for clarity, emphasizing the importance of resolving the classification issue.

LBRY Urges Court to Provide Desperately Needed Clarity Amid SEC’s Request for Injunction

LBRY expressed frustration with the lack of clarity provided by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and criticized the Commission’s broad and vague injunction request. The platform emphasized that the Court’s attention should focus on the specific injunctive relief sought against Odysee. LBRY respectfully appealed to the Court to address the pressing need for clarity in the matter.

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Hogan Draws Parallels Between LBRY Case and SEC-Ripple Case

Noting the similarities between the LBRY case and the ongoing SEC-Ripple case, Hogan highlighted a potential scenario where the SEC seeks a broad and vague injunction, while Ripple appeals to the Judge for clarity. Hogan suggested that the LBRY situation could serve as a relevant example in understanding the dynamics at play in the Ripple case.

Deaton Counters Hogan’s Tweet, Predicts No Injunction Order

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In response to Hogan’s tweet, Deaton, the defendant in the XRP case, expressed his belief that the judge would not issue the injunction order. Deaton explained that the judge had previously assured that his order would not apply to secondary market sales. Deaton further stated that he had raised objections to the overly broad language of the injunction, and the judge had confirmed that he would not issue such a sweeping injunction.

Hogan Embraces Deaton’s Revelation, Expresses Desire for Ripple Case

Hogan enthusiastically embraced Deaton’s revelation, expressing his gratitude to God for Deaton’s presence in the hearing. He further expressed his wish for a similar presence of Deaton in the Ripple case hearing, emphasizing the value it could bring to the proceedings.

Crypto Community Reacts to XRP Lawyers’ Comments

The crypto community has been actively engaged with the comments made by XRP lawyers. Many community members acknowledged both Deaton and Hogan as exemplary representatives for the XRP army, praising their legal expertise. Additionally, numerous followers expressed their appreciation for Hogan’s insightful thoughts on the matter.

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