Mt Gox

Mt. Gox Moves 44527 BTC Before Creditor Repayments

Recent Bitcoin transactions by Mt. Gox suggest that repayments to creditors are about to start. This has led to market speculation and could impact Bitcoin’s price. Mt. Gox, a defunct cryptocurrency exchange, recently made significant transactions. According to on-chain data from Arkham Intelligence, Mt. Gox conducted two major Bitcoin transfers. The transactions included an initial…

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Bitcoin BTC up

Bitcoin Set to Grow as Sales Pressure Decreases and Market Factors Favor Uptrend

Bitcoin’s recent price surge has raised hopes for a sustained upward trend, as experts believe that the worst of the selling pressure is now behind us. Following significant sales pressure from Mt. Gox and the German government, Bitcoin’s price has recently surged past $62,000. Analysts suggest that the market has already priced in the impact…

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Crypto ATM Bitcoin ATM

North Carolina AG Warns About Rising Bitcoin ATM Scams: Stay Safe with These Tips

North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein has issued a warning about increasing bitcoin ATM scams after receiving many complaints. The alert provides tips on how to avoid these scams, including being cautious with unsolicited requests for cryptocurrency payments, being wary of online relationships that turn financial, verifying investment advice, and steering clear of get-rich-quick schemes….

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Bitcoin Bull

Bitcoin Reaches $60000 as Trump’s Shooting Boosts Re-Election Chances

Bitcoin surged above $60,000 following speculation that Donald Trump’s chances of winning the presidential election have increased after his defiant response to an assassination attempt. The former president, who has supported crypto, was shot in the right ear during a political rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday. His campaign reported that he is “fine” and looking…

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JPMorgan Predicts Bullish Bitcoin Rebound in August

JPMorgan predicts a bullish rebound for Bitcoin in August, despite recent intense corrections and market volatility. The bank has adjusted its year-to-date crypto net flow estimate from $12 billion to $8 billion. Technical indicators show continued bearish pressure, with Bitcoin needing to break above the $60,000 resistance level for a bullish reversal. JPMorgan Forecasts Bullish…

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Germany German

Germany Left with 9K Bitcoin Only 3 Weeks After Sales Start

Germany’s Bitcoin holdings briefly dropped below 5,000 BTC after transferring a large amount to Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken. However, some Bitcoin has since been moved back. As of July 11, the German government’s Bitcoin wallet holds 9,094 BTC, just 18% of its original amount, following a series of transfers with crypto exchanges. Germany’s Bitcoin Holdings…

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