Spanish Bank Launches Crypto Fund

A&G, the prominent Spanish private bank, has introduced a crypto investment fund, indicating growing adoption of cryptocurrencies in Spain. List Your Profile Links On “Become a Supporter of! Send us your name and social profile links, and we will add your name along with your profile links to the Supporter Page as a…

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OECD Implements Crypto Tax Reporting Guidelines

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has recently implemented a dedicated tax framework aimed at addressing the unique challenges posed by cryptocurrencies. This new framework is specifically designed to provide clear guidelines and regulations for taxation in the crypto industry. By introducing this framework, the OECD aims to promote transparency, compliance, and a…

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zkPass Crowned Winner of Binance Labs’ Global Series ‘Build The Block’

In the widely acclaimed global digital series, ‘Build The Block’, Web3 businesses fiercely competed for investment from Binance Labs. Today, zkPass emerged as the victor, receiving the prestigious title of winner from Binance. Among the 12 project finalists that participated in the seven-episode competition, zkPass garnered the highest number of votes, securing the top prize…

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Global Money Laundering Watchdog: Qatar’s Crypto Ban Enforcement Found Lacking

According to the Financial Action Task Force, the country’s central bank must actively identify and penalize service providers that violate the 2019 ban. A global anti-money laundering watchdog reported on Wednesday that Qatar has shown minimal action against cryptocurrency companies that are disregarding a ban imposed in 2019. Accusing the country of being lenient in…

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USDT Market Cap Reaches Record High, Binance CEO CZ Acknowledges with BUSD Tweet

Tether (USDT) Maintains Strong Grip on Stablecoin Market, Surpasses $83 Billion Market Cap Record While USDT is achieving new heights in terms of market capitalization, other stablecoins are facing challenges in maintaining their market dominance. USDT has reached a new all-time high market capitalization, coinciding with difficulties faced by other stablecoin issuers due to regulatory…

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Binance CEO CZ

Binance CEO: Purchasing a Bank Won’t Resolve Crypto’s Debanking Problem

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao, also known as CZ, has expressed his reservations about Binance purchasing banking institutions. He cited reasons such as regulatory complexities and stringent capital requirements as factors influencing this decision. Despite the increasing concern over crypto companies being debanked, including Binance’s own operations in Australia, CZ emphasized that the company is unlikely…

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