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14 Altcoins Poised for 100X Growth; Revealed by Research Platform

Token Metrics, an AI-driven investment research platform, has updated its list of cryptocurrencies that could offer significant returns, potentially reaching up to 100 times their current value, despite the recent market downturn. This time around, the platform has identified 14 cryptocurrencies that it considers promising investments, anticipating substantial gains when bullish market conditions return. In…

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Institutions Favor Bitcoin Over Altcoins: Bybit Research

According to data from Bybit Research, it seems that institutional investors are not keen on altcoins. Reportedly, half of their portfolios are invested in Bitcoin, indicating a strong preference for the leading cryptocurrency over alternative digital assets. New data from Bybit Research suggests that institutional interest is leaning heavily towards Bitcoin (BTC) rather than Ethereum…

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Top 15 DeFi Projects on Binance Smart Chain

Binance Smart Chain has grown rapidly in recent years. This article explores the top 15 DeFi projects on the platform. DeFi, short for “decentralized finance,” is a financial system built on blockchain technology. Unlike traditional finance, it doesn’t rely on centralized entities like banks or government-regulated organizations. Instead, it operates on a peer-to-peer basis using…

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Nigeria Tops Global Cryptocurrency Awareness Rankings: Survey

Nigeria ranks as the world’s most cryptocurrency-aware nation, with a staggering 99% of its population familiar with cryptocurrencies, as per a global survey by ConsenSys and YouGov. Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, leads the world in cryptocurrency awareness, as per a global survey by ConsenSys and YouGov. This survey aimed to understand how different countries perceive…

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SEC vs Binance Lawsuit Sparks Disastrous Outcomes within 24 Hours

Binance Witnesses Over $1 Billion Outflow in 24 Hours Following SEC Lawsuit, Despite Massive 44M USDT Deposit SEC vs Binance Lawsuit Triggers Cryptocurrency Market Turmoil: $52.7 Billion Lost in One Hour: The impact of the SEC vs Binance lawsuit has reverberated through the cryptocurrency market, leading to significant consequences. In a startling development, the market experienced…

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