Polkadot Dot

Polkadot’s Upgrade: Relay Chain Replacement & 10M DOT Prize

During a presentation at the Token2049 crypto conference in Dubai, Gavin Wood, the founder of the Polkadot protocol, revealed a new Gray Paper detailing the upcoming Join-Accumulate Machine (JAM) upgrade for the network. Alongside this announcement, Wood introduced the JAM Implementer’s Prize, featuring a 10 Million DOT prize pool, aimed at fostering diverse development of…

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Cardano ADA

Cardano Shows Signs of Rebounding to $80 and Beyond

Cardano’s price correction finds support at the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level, while Bitcoin remains strong above $60,000. The MVRV Ratio for Cardano dips below 22%, historically indicating significant price rebounds. Technical indicators hint at potential bullish momentum ahead. Investors have been closely watching the recent downturn in Cardano’s (ADA) price. After reaching a high of…

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Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining Company Stocks Rise Again After Halving

Bitcoin mining stocks recovered shortly before the halving, after weeks of decline. Tension in the Middle East slowed growth in tech stocks, showing a correlation between stocks and crypto assets. The halving today will halve miner rewards, leading to significant market movements in recent months. Bitcoin’s price sits at $63,501 as it battles against liquidations…

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Bitcoin BTC up

Arthur Hayes: Bitcoin Beyond $100K – Token2049 Insights

During the ongoing Token2049 conference in Dubai, Arthur Hayes, co-founder of BitMEX, compared Bitcoin to gold but stressed Bitcoin’s superiority. He analyzed the monetary policies of governments such as the US, China, and Japan, highlighting Bitcoin’s suitability amidst the expansion of central banking balance sheets. Hayes Forecasts Continued Negative Real Yields and Bitcoin’s Value Surge…

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