PEPE Sees 46% Weekly Gain – Eyeing $1 Jackpot?

PEPE faces challenges reaching $0.0000020 soon, encountering resistance. The long-term path is uncertain, and hitting the $1 milestone requires a significant surge, potentially making PEPE one of the most lucrative meme coins in history. Meme tokens, often lacking strong fundamentals and utility, are at risk of being overshadowed by newer and trendier counterparts. While a…

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Analyst Predicts 700% Dogecoin Surge in Anticipation of ‘Epic Pump’

A well-known cryptocurrency analyst has hinted that Dogecoin ($DOGE), the meme-inspired digital currency, might see a substantial 700% increase from its current value. The analyst, using the name Captain Faibik on the microblogging platform X (formerly Twitter), expressed the view that the “DOGE train has already left the station.” In a recent post, Captain Faibik…

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