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Elon Musk’s X Teams Up with OpenAI Competitor Midjourney in AI Revolution

Elon Musk’s X hints at teaming up with Midjourney, signaling a potential rivalry with OpenAI in advancing social media innovation. Elon Musk’s recent suggestion of a partnership between X (previously Twitter) and Midjourney has stirred excitement in the tech community, especially in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). This potential collaboration marks a notable change,…

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Neuralink’s Impact on AI-Powered Crypto Boom

Neuralink achieves a milestone by implanting its brain-chip technology in the first human patient, with Elon Musk’s AI product to be named Telepathy. A recent report indicates that AI and real-world assets are emerging as significant drivers in the crypto market. Neuralink, a groundbreaking brain-chip startup, reached a major milestone on Sunday with the successful…

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Solana Sol

Solana Foundation and CoinDCX Empower India’s Web3

Exclusively tailored for Indian developers active in the Solana ecosystem, CoinDCX, Solana Foundation, and Superteam collaboratively introduce a ₹25 crore grant program for Web3 developers in India. Launching opportunities for Indian blockchain developers, this initiative strengthens the nation’s position as a vibrant global hub for Web3 innovation. Exclusively tailored for builders within the Solana ecosystem,…

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SEC Approves Nasdaq’s AI Trading Tool: Dynamic M-ELO

“SEC Approves Nasdaq’s AI Trading Tool: M-ELO Enhances Efficiency with Real-time Order Adjustments, Demonstrating Promising Results” Despite strict crypto regulations, the SEC’s approval of AI is raising eyebrows due to potential double standards on innovation. In a rapidly evolving landscape, AI is gaining prominence, notably through tools like M-ELO, which uses real-time AI to rapidly…

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‘MemeFi’ – ‘TwitterFi’ and ‘TelegramFi’ to Dominate Web3 Cycle: Ex-Binance VC Says

Xin Jiang, a founding partner at Old Fashion Research (OFR) and a former Binance veteran, believes that now is an opportune time to invest in web3 as both primary and secondary markets have hit their lowest points. He highlights the potential of projects like memecoins, Friend.tech, and Unibots, which leverage platforms like Twitter and Telegram,…

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ark invest

Cathie Wood’s Optimistic View on Bitcoin and AI Transformation

Cathie Wood, Ark Invest’s CEO, expressed optimism about Bitcoin and AI convergence in a tweet, highlighting their transformative potential for companies and the economy. Her enthusiasm reflects the rapid evolution of the crypto and AI sectors. The tweet also mentions the Bitcoin Brainstorm Podcast, hosted by Ark Invest and Blockchain Park, where Wood discusses Bitcoin’s…

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Shibarium Surpasses 600K Wallets as SHIB Whale Transfers $38M

Since resolving a glitch last weekend, the Shibarium network has seen increased activity. Over 600,000 wallets have conducted more than 700,000 transactions within a week of addressing the earlier launch problems. This demonstrates the resilience of the platform’s dedicated supporters. Token withdrawals from the Shibarium bridge are now operational, offering relief after a tumultuous launch…

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