Fidelity Adds Litecoin (LTC) to Its Crypto Portfolio

Fidelity Investments, a leading global investment firm managing over $12 trillion in assets, has expanded its crypto portfolio to include Litecoin (LTC) alongside Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). This addition highlights a growing recognition of Litecoin in the cryptocurrency market. Known for its faster transaction times and lower fees compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin is increasingly…

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South Korea

South Korea’s New Crypto Exchange Rules Start Today

South Korea’s new rules to protect users’ crypto assets took effect on July 19. These regulations, introduced by the country’s financial watchdog, aim to ensure safer handling of digital currencies by virtual asset service providers (VASPs). The “Virtual Asset User Protection Act” requires virtual asset service providers (VASPs) to follow new steps to keep users’…

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Black Rock

BlackRock’s Bitcoin Trust Sees $102.7M Inflow as Adoption Grows

BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust (IBIT) saw a major inflow of $102.7 million, showing strong market confidence. This positive development contrasts with recent negative trends in the broader crypto market. Thomas Fahrer points out that BlackRock’s large Bitcoin purchases reflect growing interest from institutional investors. BlackRock’s iShares Bitcoin Trust Sees $102.7M Inflow Amid Market Trends On…

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Solana Sol

Solana (SOL) Could Surge 300% If This Pattern Continues

Solana has recently shown strong performance in the cryptocurrency market, breaking through significant resistance levels. On its weekly chart, Solana has successfully surpassed the 100 and 50 EMA resistance levels, indicating a bullish trend. This pattern suggests that the asset may continue its upward movement. Looking ahead, the long-term prospects for Solana could be even…

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Dogecoin Doge

Dogecoin Hits 90 Million Wallet Addresses Amidst Market Revival

Dogecoin (DOGE) has recently surpassed 90 million wallet addresses, marking a significant milestone and demonstrating substantial growth in its user base. This surge in wallet addresses aligns with a 15% rise in Dogecoin’s value. The increase in wallet addresses comes during a broader revival in the cryptocurrency market, contributing to DOGE’s impressive new levels. Analysts…

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hamster kombat

Hamster Kombat Users Targeted by Scammers

Cryptocurrency scammers are exploiting the viral popularity of Hamster Kombat, a Telegram-based clicker game, by staging fraudulent airdrops. Players of the rapidly growing mobile game are being targeted by malicious actors aiming to profit from the game’s success. These scammers are conducting phishing attacks, deceiving Hamster Kombat players into performing actions that benefit the attackers….

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Wazirx WRX wrx

WazirX Breach Breakdown: How the $230M Attack Happened

The WazirX breach reveals vulnerabilities in multisig wallets, even with strong security measures. In one of the year’s biggest cyberattacks, the Indian cryptocurrency exchange lost over $230 million from a multisig wallet. WazirX reported that the attack targeted a multisig wallet using Liminal’s custody and wallet infrastructure since February 2023. The wallet had six signatories—one…

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