Binance COO Highlights Challenges with US Monitoring Deal at Token2049

Binance’s Chief Operating Officer, Noah Perlman, acknowledges that the monitoring agreement with U.S. regulators is causing difficulties for the exchange, despite initially seeing it as a chance for enhancement. The agreement, part of Binance’s plea deal with the U.S. Department of Justice, entails having an independent compliance monitor for three years. Perlman explains that this…

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Polkadot Dot

Polkadot Teams Up with Inter Miami for Global Expansion

The Polkadot community is suggesting an $8.8 million sponsorship agreement with Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami soccer team to boost its worldwide visibility. This deal would involve displaying Polkadot’s branding on Inter Miami’s training jerseys for the 2024 and 2025 seasons. Polkadot Community Eyes Partnership with Inter Miami The Polkadot community is enthusiastic about a potential…

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Bitcoin BTC

Experts Warn of Possible Bitcoin and Altcoin Price Crash Post-Halving

Leading experts in the cryptocurrency space are expressing concerns about a potential crash in the prices of Bitcoin and altcoins following the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. They suggest that any immediate rally might not materialize for several months. The price of Bitcoin dropped significantly after reaching an all-time high, unable to sustain its momentum and…

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Aptos Ascend Launch Boosts APT Price

The Aptos Foundation has introduced Aptos Ascend, a new platform supported by major players like Microsoft Azure, SK Telecom, and the Boston Consulting Group. In a significant step toward transforming open finance, Aptos Labs has unveiled Aptos Ascend, a state-of-the-art platform set to reshape financial services. This innovative initiative is the result of a partnership…

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Coinbase Postpones Pepe Coin Perp Futures Launch; PEPE Price Drops

Coinbase International Exchange, a prominent cryptocurrency platform, has postponed the release of Pepe Coin perpetual futures due to a recent decline in PEPE’s price. This decision caused a stir in the crypto community. The delay came at a time when PEPE’s price experienced a sharp drop, triggered by substantial liquidations and a prevailing bearish sentiment…

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