Binance HODLer Airdrops: Banana Gun and BANANA Surge 26%

As Binance’s HODLer Airdrops Portal lists Banana Gun, the BANANA token has surged 26%, reflecting strong market excitement. Binance has announced Banana Gun (BANANA) as the first project featured on its airdrops portal. BANANA is the token for the Telegram-based trading assistant, Banana Gun bot. Binance Airdrops BANANA Tokens: Key Details and Listing Information Binance…

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Shiba Inu Shib

Shiba Inu’s Marketing Lead Highlights Importance of Shiba Eternity Game

Lucie, Shiba Inu’s marketing lead, has underscored the importance of the upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) game, Shiba Eternity. She pointed out that the game marks a major milestone for Shiba Inu’s blockchain, Shibarium, as well as for its ecosystem tokens, SHIB and BONE. In her announcement, Lucie shared a short clip showcasing Shiba Eternity’s gameplay, further…

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OKX Halts Nigeria Services Over Regulatory Changes

OKX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange, has announced its decision to withdraw from the Nigerian market, effective August 30. The move comes in response to significant regulatory changes in Nigeria. A spokesperson for OKX underscored the exchange’s commitment to adhering to local regulations in all jurisdictions where it operates. OKX Ceases Operations in Nigeria Amid Regulatory…

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Robinhood robin hood

Robinhood Ordered to Pay $9 Million Settlement for Referral Program

A U.S. judge has approved a settlement of about $9 million in a lawsuit against Robinhood alleging that the firm’s referral program enabled users to send unsolicited advertising messages to their contacts. Robinhood Financial LLC denied the allegations. A U.S. judge, Barbara Rothstein, has ordered Robinhood, a website for trading stocks and cryptocurrencies, to pay…

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Mt Gox

Mt Gox Creditors Plan to Hold Bitcoin After Repayment

The latest survey of Mt Gox creditors shows that a significant majority plan to hold onto their Bitcoin once they receive their repayments. This news comes amidst growing anticipation within the cryptocurrency market. Analysts are closely watching for potential market effects as these creditors await their long-awaited reimbursements. Interestingly, current market sentiment suggests that institutional…

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Chainlink Link

Chainlink Launches Digital Asset Sandbox

Chainlink has launched the Digital Assets Sandbox to accelerate digital asset innovation in financial institutions. This platform allows experimentation with financial tools like bond tokenization, collateralization, and cross-chain trading. It provides a secure environment on Chainlink’s platform for financial institutions to explore and test blockchain technology. Chainlink Launches Digital Assets Sandbox Chainlink has introduced the…

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Cardano ADA

Cardano Founder Hoskinson Counters Buterin on Crypto Politics

In a July 17 blog post, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin cautioned against supporting political candidates solely based on their cryptocurrency views. He warned that this narrow focus could undermine the broader principles that underpin cryptocurrencies. Buterin noted the increasing role of crypto in politics, highlighting legislative efforts like MiCA in the EU and concerns over…

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Solana Sol

Solana Hits $160 with 13% Weekly Surge: ETF Talks and Liquidation Concerns

Solana’s price has reached $160 after a 13% increase this week, marking a positive turn following recent struggles. Discussion of a Solana ETF has revived demand, driven by high buying pressure. Technical indicators suggest potential further gains to $175, although concerns about $3 billion in liquidations loom if prices correct sharply. The crypto market’s recent…

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