14 Altcoins Poised for 100X Growth; Revealed by Research Platform

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Token Metrics, an AI-driven investment research platform, has updated its list of cryptocurrencies that could offer significant returns, potentially reaching up to 100 times their current value, despite the recent market downturn.

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This time around, the platform has identified 14 cryptocurrencies that it considers promising investments, anticipating substantial gains when bullish market conditions return. In a previous report, Token Metrics highlighted 27 cryptocurrencies with the potential to increase in value by as much as 10,000%.

Token Metrics Identifies Altcoins with Potential for 100X Gains

In its recent disclosure, Token Metrics, a leading investment research platform, has highlighted several low-cap emerging cryptocurrencies with the potential for significant growth. Among these tokens are LCX, Nexera (NXRA), Swarm Markets (SMT), and Astra DAO.

Despite market downturns, many of these tokens have shown remarkable performance over the past year. For example, SMT has maintained a 530% gain in its one-year trajectory, while Astra DAO has experienced an 81% decline during the same period. Nevertheless, Token Metrics remains optimistic about the potential for substantial gains, estimating over 10,000% returns for Astra DAO and similar tokens in this category during the current bull market.

Additionally, Token Metrics has identified another category of assets with 5,000% potential, including projects like Injective (INJ) and MultiversX (EGLD). Despite recent losses, INJ has demonstrated significant growth over the past year, with EGLD also showing potential for significant expansion, according to the research platform. Other tokens mentioned in this category are emerging projects NEXA and Neurai (XNA).

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Token Metrics Identifies Altcoins with Various Growth Potentials

Within Token Metrics’ evaluation, several categories of altcoins with varying growth potentials have been identified.

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In the first category are tokens like Kaspa (KAS), Chainlink (LINK), and Quant (QNT). KAS and LINK have showcased commendable performances in bull markets, with KAS maintaining a 336% gain in its one-year trajectory and LINK holding at 60%.

Conversely, QNT has seen underperformance since last year, and recent market dips have negated gains from March and late 2023. Token Metrics predicts potential gains of 1,000 to 3,000% for KAS, LINK, and QNT by next year.

Moving on to the next tier, which includes top-ranking projects like Solana (SOL), XRP, and Dogecoin (DOGE). Despite market downturns, DOGE has retained over a 7% gain in its 30-day trajectory and emerged as a standout performer in the bull market in February.

SOL has demonstrated consistent uptrends since 2023, positioning itself as a potential top performer among the top ten. Token Metrics anticipates potential gains of up to tenfold for DOGE, SOL, and XRP during this season, with SOL and DOGE showing promising potential while XRP’s track record for significant gains in this bullish market remains to be seen.

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