2024 Price Predictions: Bitcoin- Ethereum- XRP


Credible, a widely followed crypto analyst, has unveiled his bold predictions for Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), and XRP, igniting fresh hope among investors. Rewrite this as para in easy wording

Credible, a prominent crypto analyst, predicts Ethereum (ETH) could soar beyond $10,000, potentially reaching as high as $20,000 in the current bull market cycle. He bases this optimism on his expectations for Bitcoin’s gains, suggesting BTC could double from its previous peak of $69,000. Credible believes most altcoins, including ETH, could experience significant growth multiples. For Ethereum, a 3-4x increase from its previous all-time high could see it reaching the $15,000-$20,000 range. Despite Ethereum’s recent price dip to $3,484, Credible maintains a bullish outlook on its long-term potential.

Crypto Analyst’s Insights on Ethereum, XRP, and Bitcoin

The analyst forecasts a potential surge for XRP, suggesting it could surpass $10. Drawing attention to XRP’s history of surpassing Ethereum’s market cap in a previous cycle, significant gains are anticipated for the altcoin payments. Despite XRP trading at $0.614 currently, the forecast emphasizes its potential to reach new highs.

Bitcoin’s price is fluctuating as anticipation builds around the Bitcoin halving event, expected to significantly increase the crypto’s value. While many experts predicted it to surpass $80K before the halving and even higher amounts afterward, the first prediction hasn’t materialized. However, there’s hope for the second prediction.

In the short term, Credible suggests Bitcoin may continue trading sideways for a few more days. Bids are observed capping price downside, indicating potential support levels. Additionally, there’s a buildup of open interest, suggesting impending volatility once the market breaks out of its current range. Bitcoin is currently trading at $68,508, leaving investors eager to understand the market’s future trajectory.

Understanding the Crypto Market Pullback

Analysis by Kristian Haralampiev: Kristian Haralampiev, Nexo’s Structured Products Lead, attributes today’s crypto market pullback to investors taking profits amid peak market conditions. He highlights increased volumes of cryptocurrencies being transferred to exchanges, particularly by short-term traders currently in profit, as indicated by Glassnode’s data.

Opportunity Amidst Pullback: Despite the unexpected pullback, both Credible and Haralampiev view it as an opportunity for latecomers to enter the market before the next Bitcoin halving event.

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