Tsunami Finance Airdrop Low Fees and High Rewards

Tsunami Finance

Tsunami Finance is a margin trading and spot exchange that offers a number of advantages over other exchanges, including:

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  • 0% price impact: Tsunami’s liquidity pool ensures that your trades have 0% price impact, meaning that you won’t have to worry about slippage.
  • Known exit liquidity: Tsunami’s liquidity pool also provides known exit liquidity, so you can always be sure that you’ll be able to exit your trades at a fair price.
  • Low funding fees: Tsunami’s funding fees are very low, so you’ll keep more of your profits.
  • Low spread: Tsunami’s spread is also very low, so you’ll get the best possible price for your trades.
  • Collateral that grows in value over time: Tsunami’s collateral grows in value over time, so you can earn even more rewards by holding TLP tokens.

Tsunami Finance to Launch NAMI Token and Airdrop for Early Users

Tsunami Finance has also raised $1.3 million in funding from investors like Pontem and ZetaMarkets. The company plans to launch its own token called NAMI in the future, and early users who actively trade or bridge on the platform may be eligible to receive an airdrop.

The NAMI token is expected to provide additional benefits to users, such as discounts on trading fees and access to exclusive features. The airdrop for early users is a great way to get involved with Tsunami Finance and earn some free NAMI tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Visit the Tsunami Finance website.
  2. Connect your Aptos wallet.
  3. Now make trades and provide liquidity on the platform.
  4. Also use their bridge powered by LayerZero and Wormhole. Hence you could also likely become eligible for the LayerZero and Wormhole speculative airdrops.
  5. They’ve confirmed to launch their own token called “NAMI” in the future. So the early users who’ve traded or provided liquidity on the platform may get an airdrop once they launch their token.
  6. Please note that there is no guarantee that they will do an airdrop. It’s only speculation.

You’re interested in more projects that do not have any token yet and could potentially airdrop a governance token to early users in the future? Then check out the list of potential retroactive airdrops to not miss out on the next DeFi airdrop!

Important: Please note that this article is only meant to provide information and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other type of advice.

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Cryptos Headlines Token Airdrop Is Live, Claim Instant 5000 CHT Tokens Worth Of $50 Free On CryptosHeadlinesToken.com

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