Analyst Sets XRP Targets; $33 Ultimate Goal

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Prominent market analyst EGRAG has set multiple price targets for XRP, anticipating a retest of the “Line of Hestia” with an ultimate goal of $33.

XRP has attracted significant market speculation, and EGRAG’s latest analysis outlines a roadmap for the cryptocurrency’s future price movements, building on his previous insights.

Analyst EGRAG’s Insights on XRP’s Trend Lines

EGRAG, a prominent market analyst, bases his insights on three key trend lines: Phobos, Hestia, and Hermes, each representing distinct market dynamics that could significantly impact XRP’s trajectory.

The Phobos Line serves as a psychological marker in EGRAG’s analysis. When XRP’s price falls below this line, it tends to induce fear and uncertainty among investors, often leading to panic selling and a bearish market sentiment.

On the other hand, the Hestia Line symbolizes stability, named after the goddess of hearth and home. When XRP finds support at this line, historically, it has resulted in substantial price increases. EGRAG’s data indicates that touching the Hestia Line has previously triggered price pumps ranging from 80% to as high as 6600%.

Lastly, the Hermes Line, named after the god of trade and travel, signifies upward momentum for XRP. Aligning with the Hermes Line typically drives rapid price ascents, acting as a catalyst for bullish trends that propel XRP to new highs. These trend lines provide critical markers for understanding XRP’s market movements according to EGRAG’s analysis.

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Analyst EGRAG’s Price Projections for XRP

In his latest update, analyst EGRAG has outlined several price targets for XRP based on historical data and the cryptocurrency’s behavior. His projections encompass a range of potential price points, with an ultimate target set at $33.50. This ambitious goal is rooted in EGRAG’s analysis of XRP’s historical price movements, particularly when it touches the Hestia Line.

EGRAG highlights that historical data indicates significant price surges for XRP when it reaches the Hestia Line. Notably, the most substantial increase observed was a remarkable 6600%. Applying this historical precedent to an initial price of $0.50 would theoretically propel XRP to $33.50, marking a new all-time high.

Among EGRAG’s other projections, he anticipates a 1444% rise to $7.72 and smaller yet substantial increases to $1.00, $0.90, and $1.36, corresponding to increases of 100%, 80%, and 171% respectively. On average, these historical surges equate to a 2969% increase. Should XRP rally at this average rate, its price would potentially surge to $15.35.

Currently, XRP is trading at $0.5243, showing a 4% gain over the past week and maintaining a position above the psychological threshold of $0.51. However, it remains below both the 50-day EMA at $0.5394 and the 200-day EMA at $0.5830.

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