Another Lawyer Withdraws from Ripple Lawsuit

There have been new developments in the lawsuit between the SEC and Ripple, with the release of Hinman documents causing uncertainty for XRP token holders.

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Despite the wait for the Summary Judgment, there is optimism that Ripple has a good chance of winning the case. However, the judgment may not be delivered until the end of 2023.

Attorney Kylie Chiseul Kim, who was previously representing Ripple Labs, has withdrawn from the case, although Ripple has stated that this withdrawal does not affect the lawsuit.

Additionally, John Deaton, the lawyer representing numerous XRP token holders, has also mentioned that another lawyer is making a similar move.

The name of the lawyer and the specific reason for their withdrawal remain unknown at this time. John Deaton, the attorney representing XRP token holders, confirmed receiving an email regarding the withdrawal.

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However, he emphasized that this development should not be interpreted as a sign of settlement or any significant change in the case. Deaton explained that a lawyer withdrawing from the SEC case holds no particular significance.

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After receiving an email regarding a recent filing in the Ripple case, the recipient experienced a mixture of anticipation and nervousness. However, upon opening the email, it turned out to be a notification about a lawyer withdrawing from the case. While initially causing a flutter of emotions, it was ultimately a minor development in the ongoing proceedings.

There is currently a discussion surrounding Judge Analisa Torres and the delay in her delivery of the Summary Judgment. People are debating the reasons behind the prolonged wait for the judgment in the ongoing case. This delay has sparked speculation and curiosity among those following the proceedings.

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