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During the ongoing Token2049 conference in Dubai, Arthur Hayes, co-founder of BitMEX, compared Bitcoin to gold but stressed Bitcoin’s superiority.

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He analyzed the monetary policies of governments such as the US, China, and Japan, highlighting Bitcoin’s suitability amidst the expansion of central banking balance sheets.

Hayes Forecasts Continued Negative Real Yields and Bitcoin’s Value Surge

Arthur Hayes, former BitMEX executive, asserted that real yields are likely to remain negative, a trend actively managed by entities like the US Fed and Treasury to sustain lower borrowing rates. This ongoing trend, persisting for several decades, is anticipated to drive the increasing value of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, according to Hayes.

However, Hayes also cautioned about the possibility of the opposite scenario but expressed minimal likelihood of real yields turning positive in the near future. He criticized the claimed GDP numbers by governments like the US, dismissing them as artificial figures intended to pacify the public.

Hayes proposed that the solution to challenges posed by fiat monetary policies lies beyond them. While acknowledging gold as a historical choice, Hayes highlighted its drawbacks. He suggested that Bitcoin presents an alternative, possessing all the merits of gold without its potential negatives, making it a superior asset choice.

Hayes Advocates for Bitcoin Over Gold: Token2049 Insights

In his presentation, Arthur Hayes highlighted the practical advantages of Bitcoin over gold. He pointed out the challenges of carrying large amounts of gold, contrasting it with the digital nature of BTC. Hayes also emphasized historical instances of governments seizing gold holdings, a risk that doesn’t apply to Bitcoin, which exists solely in the digital realm.

Anticipating the continuity of the US monetary policy, Hayes urged people to embrace Bitcoin despite recent gains. He advised against exiting the market solely because of significant profit increases, stressing the long-term potential of BTC’s price to continue rising beyond $100K.

Hayes has previously made bullish predictions, including foreseeing a $750,000 price target for BTC within the next few years.

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