Astar Network (ASTR) Surges 44% Following Listing on Major Exchange

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Astar Network (ASTR) reached a 10-month high as it expanded its presence with a significant listing on the South Korean mega exchange, Upbit. The announcement of this listing had a remarkable impact, causing ASTR’s price to surge by 44%, reaching $0.1194.

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Additionally, the 24-hour trading volume experienced a substantial increase, soaring by 2,880% to $406,063,178. This development reflects the growing influence and demand for Astar Network in the cryptocurrency market.

Astar Network Surges to 10-Month High Following Upbit Listing

Despite its status as a Polkadot parachain, Astar Network experienced a relatively sluggish month in terms of price movement until the recent listing announcement on Upbit. Prior to this revelation, the price had remained relatively stagnant on both the daily and weekly charts. However, the listing on Upbit proved to be a game-changer, propelling Astar Network to its highest price level in 10 months, reaching an impressive $0.1572.

Upbit projected support for ASTR/KRW, scheduled for 6:00 p.m. KST, played a pivotal role in this surge. The exchange’s significant trading volume contributed to the substantial uptick in ASTR’s price.

With South Korea being a region known for its high crypto engagement and adoption rate, Astar Network’s entry into this market holds the potential to reshape its liquidity provision and bring more stability to its price, mitigating unpredictable fluctuations in the future.

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Astar Network’s Strategic Expansion and Collaborations

Among the notable Polkadot parachain protocols, Astar Network stands out for its vigorous development activities and extensive product listings. Despite being based in Japan, founder Sota Watanabe has articulated plans to extend the protocol’s focus to the Korean market, driven by the shared innovative spirit between the two countries.

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Since its establishment, Astar Network, under Watanabe’s leadership, has actively pursued collaborations, leading to significant partnerships such as the one forged with Toyota, resulting in a highly regarded Hackathon.

The protocol remains optimistic about its future plans, particularly with the unveiling of Astar 2.0. This forward-looking vision is being communicated and shared with key stakeholders within the Astar Network ecosystem, underlining the project’s commitment to expansion and innovation.

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