Avalanche Teams Up with Alipay+ to Improve Digital Shopping Experience

Avalanche AVAX

Alipay+ and Avalanche’s partnership signals a new digital era, merging e-wallets with Web3-powered coupon programs through Alipay+ D-store. This innovative collaboration aims to enhance consumer interactions using Web3 solutions.

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In today’s digital world, partnerships between big technology companies and Blockchain platforms are changing how businesses operate and how consumers experience everyday life. China’s top payment app, Alipay+, and Avalanche Blockchain have joined forces to introduce new digital solutions, marking a significant step forward in digital innovation.

Alipay+ and Avalanche Transform Daily Transactions

The collaboration between Alipay+ and Avalanche aims to bring Web3 technology into everyday transactions, introducing Alipay+ D-store as its result. This innovative platform combines e-wallet features with a Web3-enabled coupon program, allowing users to earn coupons by playing branded mini-games offered by partners in Southeast Asia.

According to Avalanche, these coupons will offer users discounts of up to 50% on products from the region’s top tea brands. The company has revealed that the offer, currently available in over 500 stores, will soon expand to 2,000 stores.

The success of Alipay+ D-store is largely attributed to the Avalanche Subnet, ensuring smooth program operation and providing access to over 100 million users. This accessibility is particularly beneficial in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines, where users can easily benefit from this new digital solution.

The coupon program represents the first phase of a proof of concept (POC) study. The second phase will concentrate on food and beverage vendors. This POC is anticipated to assist brands in utilizing Web 3.0 solutions to enhance user engagement and involvement.

Alipay+ D-store Integration in Southeast Asia

The integration and solutions offered by Alipay+ D-store to its e-wallet partners in Southeast Asia will significantly streamline in-store processes, online sales, orders, marketing, and analytics. This collaboration represents a substantial advancement in providing consumers with an enhanced experience powered by technology.

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The Web3-supported coupon program presents opportunities for further collaborations with other brands, especially those interested in digital collections and Blockchain-based tools.

Moreover, the efforts of AvaCloud to simplify the deployment and maintenance of Subnets will play a crucial role in facilitating future collaborations. Currently, the cryptocurrency AVAX is trading at a price of $53.16.

Important: Please note that this article is only meant to provide information and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other type of advice.


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