Best Performing Altcoins: API3- ALT and DCR

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On Binance exchange, the top gaining altcoins for the day were API3, ALT, and DCR Coin.

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Double-digit surges in these altcoins are bringing joy to investors as Bitcoin aims for $43,000 once more. Now, what are the current price predictions for these three altcoins?

API3 Price Analysis

At the time of writing, API3 has seen a remarkable gain of nearly 44%, with its price hovering around the $3 mark. Earlier on January 20th, it had surged past $3.30, only to retract to as low as $1.95 due to rapid profit-taking. Presently, amidst Bitcoin’s upward momentum, API3 stands out as the altcoin with the most significant increase on the exchange. Notably, its price surged from the $2 support level to $3.13 yesterday, indicating strong demand.

Looking ahead, if API3 manages to close above $3.04 in the coming hours, it could potentially climb to $3.35 and $3.68. Given its rise to levels last seen in May 2022 and recent profit-taking, API3 is likely to attract further interest. However, a close below $2.80 might trigger a decline back to $2 and $1.77.

ALT Coin Price Analysis

Despite its recent launch, ALT Coin has swiftly risen to become the third-highest gaining cryptocurrency on Binance, boasting a 20% increase. Over the past three days, it has consistently reached new and higher peaks, suggesting potential for further growth alongside Bitcoin’s ascent. If investor appetite for risk persists, ALT Coin’s climb could extend beyond the $0.50 mark.

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Presently, the primary barrier lies at the all-time high (ATH) region of $0.45. Maintaining the $0.40 support level will be crucial for sustaining upward momentum.

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Decred (DCR) Price Analysis

Decred (DCR) witnessed an impressive surge on December 27th, resulting in over 50% gains within a single day. This pattern of rapid surges has been observed multiple times in the past. However, investors should exercise caution as these upward movements have typically been followed by consistent profit-taking.

Presently, the $18.96 region poses a significant resistance level that has yet to be permanently breached. If DCR Coin manages to close above this region, it may retest the $23 and $26.46 levels. Conversely, a failure to surpass this resistance could lead to a drop towards $17.20 and $15.60 levels.

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