Binance Now Accepts JTO- NFP- MANTA & More for Loans


Binance, a major player in the cryptocurrency exchange realm, has made waves by announcing the addition of new projects as loanable assets, including JTO, NFP, MANTA, and others.

This move has sparked interest and discussions within the crypto community, as traders and investors take note of Binance’s latest strategic expansion. By adding these new crypto projects to Binance Loans, the platform aims to offer users enhanced flexibility and opportunities within its ecosystem.

Binance Expands Loanable Assets with New Cryptocurrencies

In a recent announcement, Binance revealed its plan to integrate several new cryptocurrencies as loanable assets on its Binance Loans platform. Notable additions include Holo (HOT), Jito (JTO), Manta Network (MANTA), MANTRA (OM), NFPrompt (NFP), and Portal (PORTAL).

This strategic move underscores the crypto exchange’s dedication to providing a wide array of financial products to its users, catering to diverse investment strategies and risk appetites.

The introduction of these new loanable assets not only expands the options available to users but also enhances the flexibility of Binance Loans (Flexible Rate). With this open-term loan product, users can collateralize cryptocurrencies from existing Simple Earn Flexible Products subscriptions, ensuring a seamless borrowing experience.

Moreover, the real-time Annual Percentage Rate (APR) rewards via Simple Earn Flexible Products serve as an additional incentive for users to actively engage with the platform.

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Binance Announcement Impacting Cryptocurrency Market Dynamics

Binance’s recent announcement has not only affected its platform but has also ignited discussions across the broader cryptocurrency market. Typically, news from major exchanges like Binance can sway crypto prices, with investors closely monitoring developments.

However, amidst the recent market downturn marked by widespread crypto retracement, investors are cautiously analyzing the potential impact of Binance’s announcement on crypto prices. This highlights the intricate relationship between market sentiments and exchange-related news in the volatile crypto landscape.

As the crypto market navigates through periods of volatility, announcements from key players like Binance serve as crucial indicators for market participants. The addition of new loanable assets not only showcases Binance’s adaptability but also underscores its role in shaping the evolving crypto financial ecosystem.

Jito Price

At the time of writing, the price of Jito (JTO) had dropped by 5.65% to $2.94, with its one-day trading volume surging by 112.85% to $180.6 million. Similarly, the price of NFPrompt (NFP) fell by 9.98% to $0.3778, accompanied by a 34% increase in trading volume to $26.29 million from the previous day.

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