Binance Pool Launches Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Mining Service

Bitcoin Cash

Binance’s mining division, Binance Pool, recently revealed its plan to introduce a mining service for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to its users.

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This exciting news expands Binance Pool’s options and provides users with more chances to take part in the cryptocurrency mining community.

The BCH mining service operates using the FPPS (Full Pay-Per-Share) settlement method, which ensures that miners receive fair rewards for their contributions to the network. With the FPPS model, mining rewards are automatically deposited into users’ Funding Wallets every day until 13:00.

The addition of Bitcoin Cash to Binance Pool’s mining services is a big step because BCH is a popular cryptocurrency with a large and active community.

Miners who join Binance Pool can benefit from its advanced infrastructure, affordable fees, and dependable mining experience. The service offers multiple ports, giving miners flexibility and choices to optimize their mining setup.

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With Binance Pool constantly improving and adding support for various cryptocurrencies, it caters to the diverse needs of miners worldwide.

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