Binance Remains Bullish Amidst SEC Scrutiny: Netflows Surpass $521M

Binance Reports $521 Million Netflow in 24 Hours, Total Balance Across Chains Reaches $51.2 Billion

Binance experienced significant outflows of funds amid the SEC lawsuit in the past week. However, there was a notable positive netflow of $521 million, as reported by the Web3 analytics tool 0xScope.

Binance Total Portfolio Balance (Source: 0xScope)

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Over the past 24 hours, Binance saw a significant influx of $1.37 billion, surpassing the outflow of $829.9 million. This increase in incoming funds indicates that traders and investors have regained confidence in Binance. The majority of these assets were held on the Ethereum blockchain, with Tron, Bitcoin, and BNB Chain also being popular choices.

Chain Total Balance (24H) Balance Allocation (%)
Ethereum $20,160,558,552.14 39.33
Tron $15,261,439,524.79 29.77
Bitcoin $9,872,892,565.20 19.26
BNB Chain $4,340,833,976.16 8.47
Arbitrum $1,037,031,628.25 2.02
Polygon $267,801,461.06 0.52
Optimism $263,799,043.43 0.51
Binance’s Balance Across Multiple Chains

In the span of 24 hours, the crypto exchange witnessed positive activity. However, over the course of the past week, there was a net outflow of $6.4 billion, accompanied by a reduced net inflow of $5.36 billion. This indicates a negative netflow trend in the weekly timeframe.

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