Binance Removes Multiple Margin Trading Pairs


Binance plans to delist several margin trading pairs by May 31, 2024. Investors are advised to close their positions and transfer assets before the deadline. Despite the delisting, users can continue trading the affected assets through other available pairs on Binance Margin.

Binance announced today that it will delist several trading pairs from its Margin trading platform. This decision affects several altcoins, including MDX, SEI/TUSD, SUI, ALPACA, ARKM, and CHESS.

Binance Margin to Delist Several Trading Pairs

Binance has announced that it will delist several trading pairs from its Margin trading platform on May 31, 2024. This action includes the removal of pairs from both cross margin and isolated margin offerings. The affected pairs are MDX/BTC, SEI/TUSD, SUI/TUSD, ALPACA/BTC, ARKM/TUSD, and CHESS/BTC.

Impact and Actions Required: Investors using Binance Margin are urged to take immediate action. Starting from May 24, 2024, isolated margin borrowing for these pairs will be suspended. Users are advised to plan accordingly and manage their positions ahead of the delisting date.

Transition Process: Until May 31, 2024, Binance Margin will facilitate the closure of existing user positions, perform automatic settlements, and cancel all pending orders associated with the affected pairs. Following this process, the pairs will no longer be available for trading on the margin platform.

Precautions for Binance Margin Users

Binance Margin has advised its users to take proactive measures to mitigate potential financial impacts ahead of the delisting of several trading pairs on May 31, 2024. Investors are strongly encouraged to close their positions well before the deadline and transfer their assets from Margin Wallets to Spot Wallets. This precautionary step is essential to avoid any adverse consequences during the delisting process.

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Continued Trading Options

Despite the removal of these pairs from the margin trading list, users will still have alternative options to trade the affected assets through other existing pairs available on Binance Margin. This flexibility enables investors to continue their trading activities with minimal disruption, provided they adjust their strategies to align with the available trading pairs.

Important: Please note that this article is only meant to provide information and should not be taken as legal, tax, investment, financial, or any other type of advice.


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