Binance Says No Data or Code Breach Despite Leak Claims


Someone who seems to be up to no good says they have a “KodexGlobal” account and is sending out emergency data requests (EDRs) to crypto and social media platforms.

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Binance says there hasn’t been a recent data breach, and user accounts are safe. However, a hacker claims to have accessed a law enforcement request account called “KodexGlobal,” which could allow them to subpoena user information from companies like Coinbase, Binance, and Chainlink.

Binance Denies Data Leak Allegations

In a recent blog post on February 4, cybersecurity firm Hudson Rock disclosed that a hacker is offering access to a law enforcement request system account on BreachForums. The price for this access is $5,000 or $300 for each emergency data request (EDR).

The hacker claims they can make EDRs for various services such as LinkedIn, Discord, Tinder, Binance, Coinbase, Chainlink, SendGrid, and others. It’s believed the hacker gained access to law enforcement systems by using credentials from Infostealer Infections, which often originate from compromised computers owned by law enforcement officers. Hudson Rock researchers discovered over 50 credentials for Google’s law enforcement system from various Infostealer infections.

Following this revelation, a user named “otteroooo” stated that Binance users’ Know Your Customer (KYC) data was being sold on a dark web marketplace, potentially linked to the GitHub leak. In response, a Binance spokesperson acknowledged the possibility of compromised law enforcement accounts. They reassured that the platform employs thorough documentation processes and maintains continuous monitoring for any signs of compromised accounts.

Alleged Compromise of Binance’s Credentials

In December 2023, Hudson Rock reported that a hacker attempted to sell access to Binance’s law enforcement portal through KodexGlobal. The firm shared a screenshot showing three computers allegedly infected during global malware campaigns in 2023, leading to compromised credentials.

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The logins displayed in the image, granting access to Binance’s login panel, were linked to law enforcement officers in Taiwan, Uganda, and the Philippines. Despite KodexGlobal dismissing it as a “scam,” Binance acknowledged being aware of such access. However, they did not confirm any system breaches, user data compromises, or crypto thefts at that time.

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In November of the previous year, a hacker managed to steal $27 million worth of Tether (USDT) from a wallet associated with the Binance deployer. The stolen funds were converted into Ether (ETH) before being transferred to two exchanges and routed to Bitcoin (BTC) through the THORChain bridge.

Simultaneously, the victim’s wallet received Ether from two distinct wallets linked to the Binance deployer in 2019.

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