Binance Türkiye Engages with Entrepreneurs in First Meeting

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Binance Turkey Hosts First Meeting with Entrepreneurs at Ankara Technopark.

During the event, various subjects were discussed, including the crypto ecosystem and Web3. Attendees were introduced to Binance’s startup support initiative, Binance Labs. Binance Labs Investment Manager, Alex Odagiu, joined the meeting virtually and provided insights on Binance Labs’ projects.

During the event at Ankara Technopark, Binance Turkey connected with entrepreneurs and shared insights on various subjects like technology, crypto, Web3, and entrepreneurship. One of the key highlights was Binance’s venture support program, Binance Labs, which provides comprehensive assistance to both established and early-stage projects. Binance Labs has already supported over 200 projects across 25 countries on 5 continents in the past 3 years.

During the event, Binance Labs Investment Manager Alex Odagiu joined online and shared valuable insights about Binance Labs and the projects in Turkey. Odagiu highlighted that Turkey is a vibrant hub for crypto and blockchain, with a strong presence of university clubs, Web3 startups, and skilled blockchain developers. He also acknowledged Turkey’s success in the Web2 industries, particularly game development, and expressed optimism about its potential in the Web3 space.

Regarding Binance Labs’ future plans for projects in Turkey, Odagiu emphasized their commitment to supporting startups and investors in the Web3 space. He highlighted Binance Labs’ recognition of the potential that Web3 holds in creating new opportunities, including for the Turkish market.

Binance Labs aims to go beyond simply offering financial support to established businesses and projects. They also prioritize incubating early-stage projects and providing comprehensive assistance to global founders and projects. This support extends from the initial stages of project creation to technical implementation, fundraising, and other crucial aspects. The goal is to help these projects navigate market challenges, emerge stronger, and continue to thrive.

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Binance Labs, as Binance’s venture capital arm and incubator, plays a crucial role in the ecosystem. They follow a 3-stage approach in their investments, focusing on the Web3 space. This approach covers investments in early-stage projects, as well as projects in the growth stage and mature stage. By supporting projects at different stages of development, Binance Labs aims to contribute to the growth and success of the Web3 ecosystem.

Binance Labs also serves as an incubator for promising early-stage projects. They take a long-term approach and follow a 3-step strategy to promote widespread adoption in their investments. These steps include:

  1. Building a strong infrastructure foundation, using core technologies like L0, L1, and ZK techniques.
  2. Developing user engagement tools such as smart contract wallets, data management, and security tools.
  3. Focusing on application layers that provide practical use cases for end users, such as Web3 games, decentralized applications (dApps), and decentralized finance (DeFi) solutions.

By implementing this strategy, Binance Labs aims to support projects that contribute to the growth and utilization of Web3 technologies in a user-friendly and accessible way.



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