Binance.US Halts USD Withdrawals as Operations Change

Binance SEC

Binance.US, a major cryptocurrency exchange, is making changes to how it operates due to increased regulatory attention and operational difficulties. As part of these changes, they are discontinuing the ability to withdraw funds in US dollars (USD).

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Binance.US, a major cryptocurrency exchange in the United States, has made significant changes to its financial operations. One notable change is that the platform has stopped allowing direct withdrawals in US dollars. According to an update in their terms of service, customers are now required to convert their US dollars to stablecoins or other digital assets before withdrawing. It’s also important to be aware that US dollar deposits no longer have Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) insurance, a significant shift from the usual financial protections.

These changes have been prompted by months of increasing regulatory scrutiny from US authorities, resulting in substantial challenges for the company. Binance.US has been facing numerous legal actions related to its transactions, which have led to a reevaluation of its services. This summer, they suspended dollar deposits, which was a sign of the current suspension of dollar withdrawals.

Binance.US Alters Customer Withdrawal Methods

For customers, these changes mean they can no longer directly withdraw US dollars. Instead, they need to change their USD balances into digital assets or stablecoins before they can withdraw funds. Binance.US has informed users of these changes via email to make the new process as clear as possible.

However, Binance.US is facing challenges beyond regulatory issues. Since the SEC took action against the company, its banking partners have been hesitant to maintain their partnerships. This hesitation, triggered by an SEC lawsuit in June, highlights the difficult operating environment for cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance.US.

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Binance Halts UK Signups, Faces Restrictions

Binance, the major cryptocurrency exchange, is encountering problems not only in the United States but also in the UK. The company recently halted new user registrations in the UK due to the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) imposition of restrictions on its UK promotions partner, Rebuilding Society. These strict measures now make it challenging for Binance to promote its crypto services in the UK.

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The FCA’s actions are part of a larger global trend of increased regulation on cryptocurrency exchanges. In addition to operational changes, these regulatory challenges are causing Binance to grapple with growing legal and financial constraints.

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