Bitcoin Price Predicted to Reach $280000 Next Year: Hedge Fund Manager

Bitcoin Bull

Renowned hedge fund manager Charles Edwards predicts that Bitcoin could skyrocket to $280,000 in the next year. Edwards, the founder of Capriole Investments, shared this bold forecast on X (formerly Twitter), citing historical data and key factors driving Bitcoin’s potential growth.

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He compared Bitcoin’s post-halving performance in 2020, suggesting that if the trend continues, it could lead to the remarkable price milestone.

Bitcoin’s Historical Performance

Renowned analyst Charles Edwards compared Bitcoin’s third bull run in 2020 to previous cycles, highlighting its subdued nature. The first bull market in 2012 peaked at $1,132, marking an impressive 8,996% increase over 11 months. Similarly, the second bull run in 2016 ended in December 2017 with a price of approximately $20,000, reflecting a 2,089% increase over 17 months.

Bitcoin price, monthly chart | Source: X @caprioleio

Challenges in 2020: Edwards attributed the lackluster performance of the 2020 bull market to China’s ban on Bitcoin mining, leading to a 50% reduction in hash rate, and aggressive tightening measures by the Federal Reserve.

Optimism for 2024: Despite challenges, Edwards remains optimistic about Bitcoin’s future, citing a contrasting economic landscape in 2024, with quantitative easing resumed and the Federal Reserve easing policies.

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Bitcoin ETF Launches: Edwards likened the upcoming launch of Bitcoin ETFs in January to a “second halving,” anticipating significant market impact comparable to a halving event in shaping Bitcoin’s trajectory.

Bitcoin’s Potential Growth Compared to Gold: Charles Edwards drew parallels between Bitcoin and the gold market, highlighting the significant difference in market caps. He noted that Bitcoin’s current market cap of around $800 billion is much smaller than gold’s market cap when the GLD ETF launched in 2004.

Historical Comparison: Edwards pointed out that gold experienced a parabolic rise of over 300% in just seven years following the launch of the ETF. He emphasized that smaller assets like Bitcoin have the potential for larger upside returns.

Bitcoin’s Rapid Growth: Additionally, Edwards highlighted Bitcoin’s rapid growth, stating that it is currently outpacing the adoption rate of the Internet.

BTC price hovers below key resistance, 1-day chart | Source: BTCUSD on

Predictions: The hedge fund manager concluded by summarizing his prediction, suggesting that a 500% return over the 18 months following the halving would not be unusual for Bitcoin historically. He also proposed a conservative assumption of an additional 300% return over the next 2-5 years from ETFs alone. Based on these factors, Edwards estimated a conservative Bitcoin price of $300K in the next couple of years.

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