Bitcoin’s Bull Run Starts; Analyst Forecasts $55K Before Halving

Bitcoin Bull

Renowned crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe has brought optimism to the cryptocurrency market, suggesting that Bitcoin (BTC) has left behind its bearish trends and is now on a bullish path. BTC, which was around $42,000 earlier this week, has surged above $47,000.

This positive momentum is anticipated to push Bitcoin towards $55,000 shortly, just before the pre-halving period begins.

Bitcoin’s Bullish Signals: Insights from Analysts and Glassnode

In a recent tweet, crypto analyst Michaël van de Poppe shared optimistic views on Bitcoin’s current status, indicating a bullish trend in the market. Bitcoin has surged back to $47.3K, prompting van de Poppe to suggest a potential climb to $55K before the upcoming halving event.

Van de Poppe highlights a notable resistance level between $49K and $51K but remains confident, asserting, “It’s a bull market.”

Likewise, Glassnode, a prominent blockchain data analytics platform, has echoed sentiments about the onset of a bull market. They point to a significant increase in the MVRV ratio to 2.06, indicating a risky period typically seen at the start of bull markets.

According to the MVRV ratio, long-term investors are experiencing meaningful profitability, a pattern commonly observed in the early stages of bull markets.

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Bitcoin’s Long-Term Outlook: ETF Institutional Investment

Van de Poppe’s optimistic outlook, consistent with his previous predictions, anticipates further upward momentum for Bitcoin as it continues its trajectory.

Beyond short-term gains, Van de Poppe believes that Bitcoin has the potential to surpass $250,000, attributing this to significant inflows from exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

His analysis indicates that Bitcoin ETFs have experienced substantial inflows, surpassing $1.8 billion in the initial weeks. Van de Poppe acknowledges that this figure could be higher if adjustments are made for outflows from Grayscale, which faced forced liquidations on FTX.

This prediction suggests that institutional investment through ETFs could serve as a primary catalyst for Bitcoin’s substantial growth in the forthcoming months.

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