BONK 2024 Price Prediction: $0.00001857 Surge


Experts predict a positive trend for BONK in 2024, expecting it to reach $0.00001857. This projection takes into account market changes and increasing interest in the cryptocurrency.


Bonk (BONK), a rising meme coin within the Solana ecosystem, gained significant attention with its impressive growth in December 2023. Despite recent ups and downs in the market, BONK has shown resilience, indicating potential promise for the year 2024.

Bonk (BONK): Climbing the Ranks with Market Achievements

Bonk (BONK) has been steadily rising in the cryptocurrency market, currently holding the 75th position on CoinMarketCap with a live market cap of $922 million. This success is fueled by a circulating supply exceeding 60 trillion BONK coins, approaching its maximum supply cap of 100 trillion.

In December 2023, BONK experienced an impressive surge of over 310%, marking it as one of the top performers in the cryptocurrency market. This notable increase positioned BONK as a potential long-term investment. However, the subsequent 50% drop from its peak highlighted the coin’s volatility. Analysts attribute this decline, in part, to system errors at Mt. Gox, impacting the broader market, including BONK. As BONK continues its journey, market participants closely watch for potential developments and shifts.

Technical Signals Point to Potential Upswing for BONK

Technical indicators for Bonk (BONK) present a favorable outlook, with the Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) signaling a potential bullish crossover, indicating an imminent uptrend. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) reinforces the bullish sentiment, standing above 50. Bollinger Bands point to decreased volatility, suggesting a possible consolidation phase. These technical aspects, coupled with a neutral awesome oscillator, instill confidence in BONK’s potential upward movement.

In recent trading sessions on the 4-hour chart, BONK’s performance revealed a tug-of-war between sellers and buyers. Sellers attempted to push the price below the EMA 50, situated at $0.00001178, but were thwarted as strong buyer support emerged at this level. This support triggered a rebound, propelling the price back up to the supply zone at $0.00001393. In this zone, BONK/USD formed several double-bottom patterns, commonly considered indicators of a potential upward trend. As the dynamics unfold, market participants closely monitor these technical signals for insights into BONK’s potential rise.

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Dynamic Shifts in BONK’s Momentum and Cautiously Optimistic Market Indicators

In the recent hour, a significant momentum shift occurred for BONK as buyers, or bulls, successfully surpassed a minor resistance level at $0.00001626. Following this breakthrough, the price continued its upward trajectory, briefly exceeding the day’s high of $0.00001626 and approaching the 10-simple moving average at approximately $0.00001789.

BONK/USD 4-hour chart: TradingView

The overall market sentiment, reflecting 25 major indicators, leans cautiously optimistic with mixed signals. Among these indicators, 6 suggest a selling position, 7 remain neutral, and 12 favor buying. Similarly, oscillators, encompassing 11 types, present 2 sell signals, 6 neutral, and 3 buy signals.

Notably, Moving Averages exhibit a more bullish inclination, with 4 in the sell category, 1 neutral, and 9 suggesting a buy. Despite the MACD signaling a sell in the negative territory, the RSI stands at a neutral 31. Looking ahead, bullish aspirations target the $0.0000170 mark at the 20-day EMA.

However, a failure in maintaining this bullish momentum poses the risk of a retreat to the main support at $0.0000138. Further inability to hold this level could lead to a potential drop towards $0.0000130, setting the stage for a downtrend towards the EMA 100 at $0.000007721. Market participants remain vigilant for potential developments as BONK’s journey unfolds.

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