Cardano: The Next Crypto Winner – An Influencer’s Take

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Cheeky Crypto, the host, emphasizes Cardano’s distinctive approach, emphasizing its reliance on “academic rigor” and “research-driven development” as key factors setting it apart from competitors.

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The host, bullish on Cardano, highlights its core use cases, describing it as a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain platform developed through a methodical, evidence-driven approach grounded in scientific research and academic thought.

Cardano’s Mission: Beyond Technology Advancements

In the perspective of Cheeky Crypto, the Cardano development team has a broader mission — to “restore trust in the global economic system” by creating technologies that foster secure, transparent, and sustainable international business practices. The host delves deeper, emphasizing that Cardano is not just about advanced technology but also about making a real-world impact, particularly in developing regions.

According to the host, Cardano is actively involved in projects aimed at providing financial services to the estimated 1.7 billion unbanked population worldwide. The partnership with World Mobile in Africa is cited as an example, with the host highlighting Cardano’s efforts to connect more people to the world and, in their opinion, create new economies that can positively impact many lives.

Cardano’s Contribution to DApps and Overcoming Blockchain Challenges

The Cheeky Crypto host emphasizes Cardano’s significant role in the decentralized applications (DApps) sector, highlighting the platform’s emphasis on “security and scalability” to create a more stable environment for DApps.

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Examining the blockchain’s functionality, the host categorizes Cardano as a “third-generation cryptocurrency” addressing common challenges faced by layer one blockchain adoption. These challenges encompass scalability, interoperability, sustainability, and security, all of which Cardano aims to tackle through the development of design principles and engineering best practices.

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In addressing the initial constraint of processing a limited number of transactions per second, Cardano’s team introduced Hydra, a layer-two scaling solution utilizing state channels for off-chain transaction processing. This development allows Cardano to theoretically handle over a million transactions per second, marking a significant leap in network capacity. The host concludes that these use cases position Cardano as a potential frontrunner in the future of the crypto sector.

ADA’s Bearish Price Action Amidst Potential Historical Parallels

Despite notable technological advancements, ADA, the native token of Cardano, is currently experiencing bearish price action, trading at $0.460 with a nearly 10% loss over the past week. Analyst Ali has drawn attention to parallels between ADA’s present consolidation phase and its pattern in late 2020.

ADA price is moving sideways on the 4-hour chart. Source: ADA/USDT on

As per Ali’s analysis, if Cardano follows the trajectory observed in late 2020, ADA could undergo a significant upswing, potentially reaching new highs. The current consolidation phase aligns with historical behavior, and according to Ali’s tweet on January 19, 2024, a pattern continuation could see ADA resuming its upward trend around April. This potential scenario might lead to an upswing toward $0.80, a brief correction to $0.60, and eventually reaching $7. The coming months will unveil whether ADA’s price action aligns with these historical parallels.

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