CEO of Rock Tree Capital Say, Hong Kong becoming hub for crypto capital markets

The CEO of RockTree Capital, Omer Ozden, has asked the regulators and financial institutions in Hong Kong to support the use of web3 technology. He believes that this will make Hong Kong a central hub for crypto capital markets, which will help to improve its position in the global market.

Omer Ozden was invited to the first-ever web3 festival, which was co-hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group, and organized by W3ME. The event took place at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center from April 12 to 15, and over 10,000 people attended. There were 300 industry speakers, and many web3 projects, community partners, and media partners from all over the world. The festival had five stages and covered an area of about 9,000 square meters. Attendees were able to network, share ideas, and learn through high-level content and discussions.

During the web3 festival, Omer Ozden had discussions with partners and investors from Asia about how to promote web3. He also spoke at an experts forum on April 11, which was organized by Pando Finance, Draper Roark, Babylon, ZX Squared, and ARPA. At the forum, industry experts and scholars discussed the technical architecture, uses, and business models of web3. They agreed that web3 is the next important stage of the Internet and has many uses for various industries.

During the seminar, Omer Ozden and other experts talked about the history and future of web3. They discussed how digital assets have evolved and their relationship with traditional finance. Bobby Lee, Yemu Xu, and Lily Z. King were also part of the panel. Ozden was excited about the development of cross-chain infrastructure and believes that it’s the future of web3. He also thinks that multi-chain decentralized exchanges will become more popular and provide a centralized experience.

Omer Ozden is an experienced person in the technology industry. He has been in China since the early 1990s and has seen the evolution of the Internet from web1 to web2 and now to web3. Ozden is also an International Partner of ZhenFund, and he helped create the VIE Structure, which allowed foreign investors to invest in China’s internet industry. Ozden is well-known for his investments in cryptocurrencies like Chainlink, The Graph, dYdX, Ren Protocol, Fantom, Maple Finance, Pocket Network, and many more. Recently, he has been investing in cross-chain projects like LI.Fi and Golden Gate.

Omer Ozden leads RockTree Capital, which is one of the top investment funds for early-stage web3 projects. The company brings together the best of both Western and Eastern crypto markets.

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Omer Ozden thinks that Hong Kong has made some progress in creating regulations for the web3 industry. However, he believes that Hong Kong needs to do more to compete with other countries, like Singapore and Switzerland, where the cryptocurrency industry has grown quickly. Ozden encourages regulators and financial institutions in Hong Kong to be more supportive of the web3 industry so that Hong Kong can be a leader in developing digital asset markets around the world.

According to Omer Ozden, Hong Kong is a significant capital markets center for traditional finance (TradFi) like New York and Singapore. He believes that since the earliest use cases of web3 have been financial, Hong Kong is well-positioned to become a hub for web3 development and crypto capital markets. Omer Ozden also mentioned that significant members of the U.S. web3 community have moved from San Francisco to New York, following this trend.

Omer Ozden thinks that the recent regulatory developments in Hong Kong are positive for the web3 industry. He believes that this will encourage collaboration among industry players and attract interest from investors worldwide.

About RockTree Capital:        RockTree Capital is an investment fund and bank based in China that focuses on early-stage projects related to blockchain and mobile e-commerce. The company has offices in Beijing, Shanghai, New York, and Toronto, and invests in high-quality blockchain projects while helping them grow in Asia.


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