Chainlink Reveals Winners of Constellation 2023 Hackathon


Chainlink Labs has announced the winners of prizes in six categories, each addressing a particular challenge in the Web3 ecosystem.

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In a blog post on December 20th, the creators of Chainlink’s decentralized oracle network revealed that they awarded the primary $25,000 prize to is a unique crypto wallet that operates across multiple chains and doesn’t require seed or gas.

Chainlink Labs’ Constellation Hackathon Winners

Chainlink Labs has declared as the recipient of the main $25,000 prize in their latest hackathon., a unique crypto wallet, employs the account abstraction mechanism to create seedless wallets. This innovative approach enables these wallets to connect seamlessly to various blockchain networks under a single domain name. The wallet supports a range of cryptocurrencies across different distributed ledgers, denominated in fiat, utilizing Chainlink Price Feeds oracles.

Harry Papacharissiou, the developer advocate manager at Chainlink Labs, expressed satisfaction with Constellation, labeling it their most successful hackathon to date in terms of both quality and quantity.

In the “DeFi and Payments” category, Chainlink awarded the top prize of $15,000 to Azurance. Azurance stands out as an on-chain insurance market where developers have the flexibility to create or utilize customized insurance contracts.

Chainlink Labs Awards Prizes in Cross-Chain Solutions

In the recent Constellation hackathon by Chainlink Labs, the decentralized cross-chain ETF platform XTF secured a $15,000 prize in the “Cross-Chain Solutions” category. XTF presented a solution enabling users to redeem their exchange-traded fund (ETF) tokens and retrieve the actual assets stored in the associated vaults.

Additionally, another $15,000 was granted to Azurance, an on-chain insurance market, in the “DeFi and Payments” category. Overall, Chainlink Labs distributed over $500,000 among nearly 40 participants during the event.

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The forthcoming Constellation hackathon is slated for spring 2024, although specific dates have not been disclosed yet. These hackathons, initiated in October, focus on projects utilizing at least one Chainlink service that induces a state change on a blockchain. It’s crucial to highlight, as emphasized by Chainlink Labs, that solely reading data from Chainlink Data Feeds does not qualify as a valid submission for a Chainlink core prize.

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