Coinbase executive uses ChatGPT to predict unusual crypto events

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  • ChatGPT predicts a 15% chance of Bitcoin becoming irrelevant and its prices dropping 99.99% by 2035.

A person from Coinbase says they found a way to use ChatGPT to predict the likelihood of unusual crypto price situations. They call it a “jailbreak.”

Conor Grogan, who is the head of business operations at Coinbase, posted a tweet on April 30th, saying that he had discovered a way to use ChatGPT to predict strange cryptocurrency price outcomes. He shared a screenshot of ChatGPT’s results, which said that there’s a 15% possibility that Bitcoin will become irrelevant by 2035, with prices falling by over 99.99%. Conor is a frequent user of ChatGPT.

According to the AI tool ChatGPT, there is a 20% probability that Ether’s price will drop close to zero and become irrelevant by 2035.

ChatGPT predicted that Litecoin (LTC) could potentially approach near-zero price levels with a probability of 35%, while Dogecoin (DOGE) has a 45% chance of doing the same.

The Coinbase executive said that ChatGPT likes Bitcoin more than other cryptocurrencies, but it’s not so sure about the future of altcoins.

Before making predictions about cryptocurrency, Grogan asked ChatGPT to predict the chances of several political events involving Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, and Donald Trump.

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Some of the other predictions that Grogan asked ChatGPT to make were related to the potential effects of Artificial Intelligence on humanity, the role of religion in the future, and the possibility of the existence of aliens.

One prediction claims that aliens have come to Earth and that the government is hiding it from people. ChatGPT thinks there’s a 10% chance that this prediction is true.

The executive provided a set of instructions to ChatGPT, which the AI followed to create the probability tables.

Grogan said he tested the command many times to make sure it produced accurate results.

“The Coinbase executive claimed that he tested the prompt several times on different versions of ChatGPT, and the results were consistent. He also stated that the deviation was usually less than 10%, which means the results were very similar each time he ran the prompt”.

It is not the first time the executive experimented with crypto-related issues using ChatGPT.

In March 15, Grogan revealed that ChatGPT’s latest version, GPT-4, was able to identify security issues in Ethereum smart contracts and give a plan to take advantage of faulty contracts.

OpenAI conducted studies on their ChatGPT technology and found that GPT-4 can achieve scores in the 90th percentile on high school and law school exams.

Italy recently lifted a ban on ChatGPT, an AI tool, after it was banned for a month due to privacy concerns raised to Italian regulators.