Coinbase Report: Altcoin Market Cap Dominates Cryptocurrency Space


In its latest report, Coinbase, the cryptocurrency exchange, emphasized the market value of altcoins within a specific domain

Highlighting the immense potential for entrepreneurs, Coinbase, the leading digital asset exchange in the United States, emphasized the significant opportunity that arises from the convergence of artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies.

This intersection not only addresses the concerns raised by critics of crypto technology but also paves the way for innovative advancements.

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Coinbase Research Manager David Duong, in a research report published on June 1, stated that as artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain applications continue to evolve, new use cases for cryptocurrencies are emerging. These advancements not only facilitate collaboration but also address the unique societal challenges posed by AI.

Duong emphasized that Coinbase is preparing a comprehensive report on the intersection of cryptocurrency and AI, highlighting the vast opportunities that lie ahead.

Based on data provided by Messari, a research firm, the current market capitalization of cryptocurrency projects focused on artificial intelligence stands at approximately $772 million, accounting for approximately 0.07% of the total crypto market cap.

In the report, Duong elucidated various potential use cases that synergize both artificial intelligence and cryptocurrency technologies. One notable example is the utilization of decentralized data marketplaces, which can effectively address the need for reliable and diverse datasets required to train generative AI models.

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The report suggests that implementing a token-based incentive mechanism could enhance the data quality obtained from these marketplaces.

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